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High Commissioner asks Delhi Police reply Punjab Police plea Seeking to crush the FIR

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain, who represents the Delhi Police, said earlier that the police commissioner should be separate. made a party For the case, as the allegations were made against the police in Petition filed by SSP (Rural), Mohali. Jain said only Delhi – subject to prosecution by AAP government – he is party of the case at the present time.

Punjab police accuse Baja of Fomenting disharmony, turmoil and ill will against different religious groups. On May 6, Punjab Police team took On reservation from his place of residence in Delhi, but on The way back The police stopped them in Haryana, it seems on receipt of information From Delhi Police regarding a search warrant. Haryana police later handed over over Baja detained by Delhi Police, who released him on the basics of Court order. Baja father Has filed an FIR claiming that his file son kidnapped soon After being arrested by Punjab police.

the state of Punjab has filed a petition seeking to restore the status quo ante of Baja nursery and crush of Hijacking FIR, which became the basis for his release. A separate petition has been filed by SSP (Country) Mohali, Manpreet Singh, for crush the same fir. Jain objected to the state of Broad Punjab on He said for technical reasons that the police will respond to another petition that only seeks to cancel of fir; Jane also He said Punjab police are not accused in fir;

Judge Anu Malhotra, while allowing Jain’s request, said it was deemed appropriate for add Police Commissioner as a separate respondent in Case of SSP (Rural) Mohali and they issued a notification to him, Bagga and Haryana Police. The court required them to respond to the petition challenging the FIR within four weeks and listed it for he heard in July. in regards to of the state of Punjab petition, the court said it would first Go through record Then he decides on Whether or not the notice should be issued. The court will consider the case on Thursday.

Big advocate Kirti Uppal, Baga’s representative, confirmed that the case is pending before the Punjab and Haryana High Court. “The entire claim against I’m not more of three years. Am I a terrorist? You are coming here as if some terrorists are going to go run Away,” opal presented. “Private political party Wants show their strength. This is a very dangerous trend they have started,” Baja counsel added.

Big advocate This was said by Abhishek Manu Singhvi, representative of the Punjab Police just because of judgment party Official spokesperson is involved, Delhi Police is in dire need ensure that court does not issue Notice. “For this one this galaxy of people is appearing. I concerned with the operation. This righteous indignation suits Person who Has he issued these cheerful tweets? 40 pages of Tweet everything with religious bias or community bias, abuse of right, left And the middle and the person arguing for Are they showing valid indignation? Singhvi asked.

Objection to Singhvi’s surrender, Bagha counsel Moghadam “Don’t say he’s a terrorist.” Big advocate Diane Krishnan also Representing the Punjab side, he replied, “No play To the show! Singhvi said he didn’t. use The word terrorist.

Allegation that Delhi Police has misused the entire legal mechanism and legal powers just for protection and shield Accused, Punjab Police in The petition approached the court, asking for restoration of Baja and . Nursery also crush of FIR hijackers.

Punjab Police have charged Delhi Police and Haryana Police of act ‘by order’ of political leadership” and of using a “false And artificial’ FIR to protect Bagga. Allow orders and FIR to continue will lead to abuse of to treat of Law and harassment of Punjab police said authorized police officials.

punjab police, in The petition, it was alleged that when team I arrived at Janakpuri police station to intimate local police officials, illegally detained by Delhi Police till 6pm till senior The officers visited the room they were being held in but refused to inform reason of “illegal detention. Munshi of was the station also command to delete a file information Provided by Punjab police officials, the plea alleged.

she has also It alleged that the Delhi Police registered the hijacking FIR at Janakpuri Police Station only for “set no thing arrest and investigation” out against Baja. Delhi Police Officials also Obtain a search warrant on the basics of FIR through ‘hide related information and material facts of legal arrest of Said accused,” the Punjab Police claimed.

“The conduct of the Delhi Police is completely questionable, unlawful, unjustified, bad faith and unauthorized, who Not only mislead the court of justice by helping the accused but also Conceal the fact that the person they present as a victim in The same FIR is the accused and he has been arrested by Punjab Police,” says the petition filed by Punjab Police.

Haryana police were asked to detain Punjab police in the middle of the road even before Bagha father Foot “false Complaint “and” despite the numerous requests and presenting all the legal documents related to the formalities of arrestofficials of Haryana Police… Illegal Arrested team of Purely Punjab Police for political reasons and with a view To destroy the political vengeance, the Punjab Police said as well. lawyers of It was Punjab Police also She was prevented from appearing before a Metropolitan Judge of the Dwarka Court at her home in Gurgaon, the petition alleges.

Both Haryana Police and Delhi Police have denied the allegations of illegality detention of Punjab Police personnel.


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