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“He’s still deep in forest ‘- like problems Mount, deputies consider Boris Johnson prime minister remains in great danger | Boris Johnson

Inot that things were going great for Boris Johnson when he tried spend some precious downtime last week in checkers, bubble of countryside peace of mind away from escalation cost of life crisis and political turmoil that interspersed it year.

By Tuesday morning one MP was expelled from party after found guilty of sexual abuse of a 15-year-old year-old boy. The other one had caused disturbance for issuance of an application supporting his former colleague – all just a few weeks before the upcoming local elections.

Then, in sparsely populated Downing Street, the phone rang. call from the Metropolitan Police made inform prime minister that he will be among the fined for attending a meeting in Downing Street for his birthday, shocked the officials.

this is the measure of the threat he posed that this weekend, after deploying of extremely controversial asylum policy and agreed campaign support up in prime his minister team relieved that the number of deputies are calling for his resignation was limited to a dozen or so – and only one minister resigned.

Among the scandals that engulfed Johnson’s leadership was the expulsion of Imran Ahmad Khan for the Conservatives party last one week after found guilty of sexual abuse of a 15-year-old year-old boy. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

However, as the Conservative MPs prepared to regroup in Westminster this week many were already concluded that any predictions that the threat to Johnson’s position had diminished were grossly exaggerated.

“He’s still deep in forest, said one former minister. “We have local elections and that’s what keeps us going the most colleagues back. But as soon as the locals are finished, and if there is more fines, then it becomes very much more difficult terrain. I don’t think it’s signed, sealed and delivered – and they know that in No 10. They are very nervous.”

while time of Met phone call during political holidays made This is for scattered number 10 team to formulate the answer, it ended up helping prime minister.

in hours which followed news that both Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined. group was silent with No one wanting to be first to give their verdict on the worst forum ever in Westminster. All day, the deafening silence was broken only by the sound of Northern Ireland. secretaryBrandon Lewis, welcoming the third series of Channel 4 Derry Girls and South Swindon MP Robert Buckland tweeted about his Wordle attempt.

Finally, Nadine Dorris, ultra-loyal culture secretary, handled the overdue charge of cabinet support for Prime Minister.

His real The Savior, however, has come in unlikely form of Sir Roger Gale is an outspoken critic of Johnson. AT sign that there would be no immediate threat to Johnson’s premiership, he concluded that removing him now would be “gross pampering” while the crisis in Ukraine continues.

 prime  minister birthday party in    June 2020 broke Covid rules on social indoor meetings and led to him being fined
prime minister birthday party in June 2020 broke Covid rules on social indoor meetings and led to him being fined. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/AP

One more hit of luck for Johnson was such a surprise of everyone in in governmentSunak was also fined for his presence at the birthday party party event. It could have been so easy. It is clear that arriving early for meeting, Sunak hung at the door of in party for some time before entering the room.

Unfortunately, a timed photograph of the chancellor, his allies believe, is to blame for He is well. This meant that those who considered Sunak the natural successor to Johnson were suddenly unable to condemn prime minister while Sunak couldn’t leave without destroying government. Even then the Allies said that he spent a miserable hours considering his future, whatever the consequences, but refused to quit.

Despite these pieces of state, however, as stated by several deputies on Saturday night when security of Johnson’s position was now re-evaluated. All those whom Observer opined that further fines were inevitable and would be more difficult to justify.

In particular, Johnson’s visit to the “Bring Your Own Drink” action. event in garden on Downing Street, as well as the alleged party in The Johnsons’ apartment on Downing Street denied by No. 10 has the biggest potential for damage. “I think it’s a birthday small beer compared with what will happen, said one veteran deputy. “[Potentially] six more fines? What about the apartment party?

When Conservative MPs started looking at their emails at the end of last a week various responses reflected this of Gayle – that “not now” didn’t mean “never” at all. Many agree with key moment remains publication of in full Sue Gray Report on parties on Downing Street, which will take place after all Partygate fines have been issued.

Correspondence of Conservative deputies with voters seen Observerincluding Kevin Hollinrake MP for Thirsk and Malton, who condemned rule-break and added: “There is a requirement within [ministerial] of the Code that any material breach will require a tender of resignation and this of of course also refer to prime minister”.

Sir Christopher Chope MP on right of in party, also said ominously: “Before deciding which course of take action, i’ll be waiting for these further reports. Sir Gary Streeter, veteran deputy for South West Devon, was more blunt. AT reply to an email that he said was “one of a lot”, he stated: “I submitted a letter of No confidence a few weeks ago, which was widely reported. my position remains without changes”.

House secretary Priti Patel and the Rwandan foreigner minister Vincent Biruta news conference in Kigali
House secretary Priti Patel and the Rwandan foreigner minister Vincent Biruta news conference in Kigali. United Kingdom government caused anger after that announced plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for treatment. Photo: Jean Bizimana/Reuters

There is also dangerous moments in a week ahead. Beyond the immediate threat of additional fines, it is clear that the deputies turned to the speaker with a request to pass prime minister to the privileges committee over did he mislead house about parties.

It is said that other deputies on in edge. Alex Chock, lawyer general, who considered firmly on retirement watch, went as far as he could without retiring in his statement to the local paper saying that he would not defend prime ministeraction. He one of five QC on front bench. sixth, justice minister Lord Wolfson retired.

Local elections also became a decisive factor. test public support for Johnson, a leader whom many MPs supported only after being convinced of his election draw. Has anger over Partigate broken?

“I think a lot of [Partygate] was appreciated in”, the MP said. in marginal place. “But it’s not to minimize the damage they’ve caused. I do not think that of us should deceive ourselves. This turned him into a mere mortal instead of a Super Boris. I don’t think he has one of shine – that’s all burned down off”.

From on in campaign drag last week, the Conservative candidates did their best to shift the focus from national politics. Walk through the Milton Keynes Chamber of Tattenho, Shazna Muzammil talked about parking, potholes and debris.

Candidate for the Conservative Council, she focused her campaign on the things she considers most important to the locals people. But it’s getting harder to keep up a conversation on track. National issues including partygate and cost of live keep coming up on thresholds. “What’s happening on at the national level… it definitely makes things harder,” said Muzammil, 44. prime minister things are going well on Ukraine, but people never talk to you about it because they have nothing to complain about.”

Tattenho, a relatively wealthy pocket of Milton Keynes is characterized by green spaces and attractive new residential complexes, has two Conservative advisors and one Work. Labor seat next month up for captures are an opportunity Muzammil hopes to seize.

Last year the tori received six seats in Milton Keynes to become the largest party on Advice though not party has overall control. Will they win new voters or cling on to their existing is uncertain. In Milton Keynes last week, some Tory supporters admitted their loyalty had faltered, while other voters remained on fence.

Frederick, 77 years old former engineer from market town of Stony Stratford, voted for conservative candidate in in last local elections inspired national leadership. “Everything seemed to be going well — everything seemed pretty smooth,” he said. Partygate has made his question is worth voting in general.

“You feel like you can’t trust them – neither what they say nor what they do,” he said. “Boris Johnson lied, there is no doubt about that. I’m sorry for in people who were friends and relatives dying in hospital and they couldn’t go in and say goodbye. And they throw bloody parties.”

He will decide who to vote for locally “after a pint,” he said. “But it won’t be conservative,” he added. He previously voted for Labor candidates, but he’s ‘not that sure about the party’s leadership. “Perhaps it would good idea to go for liberal democrats.

Another local resident, Vicki Elizabeth, 39, a teacher from Bletchley, is considering voting. for liberal democrats. She wants the advisors to focus on environmental issues and revival of street height and improvement safety for residents, and “keeps an open mind.”

But she said, “I can’t imagine it would be a conservative, even if at the local level they stood up for something amazing. With changes in Tory education and immorality … now there is too much water under the bridge.

However, despite some public anger – with one Tory called Johnson a “hypocrite” while another called him “the best”. of two evils” – many conservative voters remain loyal party and its leader.

Back in Tattenhoe, criticism from many Conservative voters was mild. One local, 49-year“an old personal assistant,” Johnson and Sunak said. should “be punished and held accountable, but added: “I don’t care vote for Tori, to be honest. They received us through past several years better than some others countries”.

Other Conservative MPs critical of Johnson confirm that while there is apathy for them party, voters have not yet supported Labor. “Our view on threshold was people angry off with usa no appetite for labor,” he said. one northern deputy.

Before the Downing Street election strategy simple: keep busy. After announcement that asylum seekers would be sent to Rwanda, prompting Partygate off front pages from thursday, prime minister moving off for loud trade trip to India this week.

One minister said sudden explosion of activities, especially in Rwanda policy, had the stigma of Australian strategist Linton Crosby, who always stayed close to Johnson. “I find it disgusting, but it just from this classic play,” they said.

Johnson’s allies see final the same threat as on May 9, when Russia could in theory stops its attacks on Ukraine for a match with anniversary of his defeat of Nazi Germany in [1945[1945год

In this moment invasion will no longer be an excuse for MPs refrain from calling on Johnson to go. critics of in prime minister also know that even with elections are likely to be held in two years, their time to act is limited. Many have given themselves a summer deadline to decide whether to oust him.

On Saturday night, a worried Johnson released his Easter message. Easter tells us what is there light beyond the darkness,” he said. “Beyond suffering lies redemption.”

He will have to hope that his gloomy deputies will take his message as more how just seasonal banality.

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