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‘He’s a total idiot’: Boris Johnson’s voters on No 10 closed parties | conservatives

In the heart of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in west London, where Boris Johnson has been an MP since 2015, people expressed their dissatisfaction over accusations of “Unfair” parties that violate the regime of self-isolation in Downing Street. However, even those critical of Partygate have expressed little interest or said they believe it is out of their control.

Bye for some decision by the Metropolitan Police fined 20 people for isolation violations are confirmation of lawbreaking for which johnson should be held accountable, others said they were “annoyed” by the reaction to the case, or did not see reason Keep on to past.

Mohsin Khan, 29, while waiting for an Uber and shielding himself from strong winds, said that if prime minister was an ounce of respect for country and democracy, he will retire.

Khan, whose grandmother died during the coronavirus pandemic, expressed outrage at not being able to see her in her final moments while Johnson “sat in there is a couple in the garden of beer.”

Mohsin Khan. Photograph: Graham Robertson/The Guardian

“Even though they say we were only there to sing happy birthday, well, I didn’t have two minutes to say goodbye to grandma so I don’t see again why is this acceptable for they are not anyone Otherwise, Khan said, who life in Slough and was visiting Uxbridge. for work. “Honestly, best what he can do is step down”.

With Johnson facing calls within your party resign, Khan said fact that he is still in power and refusing to resign”shows that he is a dictator” and said that, unfortunately, “he feels he can leave with anything”.

He added: “I think he’s an absolute idiot and I would never say that in beginning when he became prime minister but now I’m saying this because I saw him like”.

Alexandra Zabulica
Alexandra Zabulica. Photograph: Graham Robertson/The Guardian

When asked if he voted for in prime minister, Khan said “not at all”. Until he vote for Brexit either Khan did vote for Labor, work in in previous elections and now believes that changes are needed, especially as young community develops and should be given the opportunity. “If it’s Labor,” he said, “so be it.”

I stand at the kiosk and wait for her lunch, Aleksandra Zabulica, 22, said that while prime ministersuggested ruleThe disruption, when others were kept under strict quarantine, worried her, “there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Zabulica, who lives near Wembley, never voted and doesn’t think she will in in the future said that it would be “good” for Johnson “kicked out” offand there is someone else elected. “Even if I cared, I can’t say anything, no. one will listen, she said.

Outside Uxbridge tube station, Sarah Smith, 54, said she got bored watching Partygate. on television week after week.

Sara Smith
Sara Smith. Photograph: Graham Robertson/The Guardian

“It’s a setup bad for example,” she said. of Johnson’s alleged behavior, “but I just thinking a lot of people neglected rules”.

Both Sarah and her 60-year-old sister Sharon said they did not break the law. rules themselves and sympathize with Johnson who “there were many of things happen”. prime minister contracted Covid in 2020, lost my mother in 2021, and welcomed daughter with his partner Carrie Johnson a few months later.

Born and raised in Uxbridge, Labor Sisters. “I feel a little annoyed,” Sharon said. “People keep saying, ‘My mom was in hospital dying and i couldn’t go and see her and i think it’s different issue. It’s not the same.”

She added: “If he went to his mother’s death sleep at the same time, then I think this argument will be taken into account.

Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith. Photograph: Graham Robertson/The Guardian

When asked if politicians should to hold on higher standard to follow in rules they coerce, the sisters agreed that “probably never”, but “this just now people were caught on This”.

Sarah said, “I think all people can make mistakes.”

Uxbridge resident Simran Kaur, 21, said it was necessary to sue against in prime minister and that he should face “same” fine on other.

“He chilled out, literally enjoying life when we were struggling and stay in in houseKaur said. who said “of of course”, she took care of the Partygate scandal after being unable to attend family friends for christmas hard restrictions.

” rules are rules. It goes through everyone,” Kaur said. who voted for Labor in previous elections and plans on vote in upcoming elections. “That doesn’t mean he prime minister and not follow rules. It must be equal.”

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