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Hercules, the Movie in Real Life The Disney Producer Explains Where TikTok Got Its Inspiration From

The revelation that the live-action Hercules would draw inspiration from TikTok was made by the film’s producer, Joe Russo, and he is now explaining what he meant by that statement. In 1997, Disney presented the debut of its animated musical Hercules, based on the Greek hero of the same name. Despite its lackluster performance in theaters, it has gained a sizeable following. Hercules: The Legend of the Hercules chronicles the titular demigod’s journey through his youth as he works to reunite with his family on Mount Olympus and stop Hades from rising to power. A live-action adaptation is scheduled to be released in 2020. The Russo brothers and Guy Ritchie are attached to serve as producers and directors, respectively.

Hercules, the Movie in Real Life The Disney Producer Explains Where TikTok Got Its Inspiration From_

Before this, Russo had stated that Hercules would draw ideas from the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, which sparked many speculations about the forthcoming movie. A recent interview with Radio Times provided a more in-depth explanation of the producer’s remarks. He stated that there had been shifts in how information is processed, and he cited the success of Matilda the Musical 2022 as an example of how to appeal to audiences. Below are some of Russo’s comments about the upcoming live-action Hercules film:

“In the environment, we live in today, most of your audience under 30 is now informed by how they use social media. This alters how people take in substance, information, and storytelling. As the narrator, you have a responsibility to monitor the developing patterns… Matilda is a perfect illustration of a movie that, as a result of TikTok’s popularity, became a phenomenon among people under 30… When people worldwide suddenly start dancing the same way a scene from your movie made them laugh, that’s part of the excitement of presenting global stories. I got just as much satisfaction out of seeing those Matilda clips as anyone else did, and that’s what I was speaking to – the concept of understanding what world you live in, how people are talking with one another, and what it is about new stories that excite them.

The Russo brothers have hinted that their upcoming live-action adaptation of Hercules will be more of a contemporary reimagining than an identical replica. Although some other Disney films, such as Beauty and the Beast and Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin (released in 2019), incorporated minor changes, many of Disney’s live-action adaptations have been criticized for being too faithful to their animated predecessors. Additionally, the producers disclosed that the world of the first movie would be expanded upon in the sequel Hercules. However, specific information concerning the story’s plot has been concealed from public view.

Hercules, the Movie in Real Life The Disney Producer Explains Where TikTok Got Its Inspiration Fro m_

The mythology of the story, as well as the dynamic between Hercules and Zeus, are both intriguing topics that the live-action film may investigate. There is also the possibility of incorporating new songs into the production and performances given by various characters, which has been done in previous Disney remakes. There may be inquiries about fresh content given that the music composed by Alan Menken has become one of the most memorable aspects of the timeless masterpiece from 1997. Despite this, it may quickly become widespread across TikTok.

People are particularly interested in casting discussions on social media, particularly in relation to The Muses. One further technique to interact with fans would be to consider the names being mentioned. It will be interesting to see what the movie is about and whether the fact that TikTok inspired it works to the movie’s advantage. Those interested in learning how Hercules is put together should make it a point to stay current on any subsequent news.

Source: Radio Times

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