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Hema Malini in Kangana Ranaut election inquiry

“Tomorrow, Rakhi Sawant also Hema Malini said.

New Delhi:

MP Hema Malini of the BJP on Saturday was an unexpected response on ‘Movie stars’ compete in elections when asked about actor Kangana Ranaut’s political gossip debut from Mathura, which is also The constituency represented by Ms. Malini.

When asked about her reaction to the prospect of Kangana Ranaut running in the election from Mathura, she said, while the crowd smiled behind Her, “It is up to God. Lord Krishna will do as he pleases.”

“You won’t get politicians who want to me run from Mathura elected. But you put it in everybody head That movie stars only should In the elections, that Mathura only wants movie stars (like elected representative). Tomorrow, Rakhi Sawant also in the elections.”

In response to a video he shared news ANI . Agency on One user on Twitter said: “Hey lady who itself a movie starWhich husband And the son (You have) joined politics has now problem with Upcoming movie stars politics? “

Others questioned the BJP member’s political contribution since he was elected.

While there are no recent indications of Mrs. Ranaut is running for office, in Dec last year While in Mathura said that while she didn’t belong to anyone partyyou will do “campaign for Nationalists”.

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