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HEC Chair, UoS VC emphasizes skills-based education for economic growth

ISLAMABAD: skill transfer knowledge-based learners will be better help in speed up the process of development and economic growth that was the essence of meeting held between the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sargodha (UoS), Prof. Dr. Kaisar Abbas is here on Thursday.

According to the details, UoS Vice President Dr. Kaisar Abbas called. on Chairman of the WNG to discuss issues and challenges refers to higher education.

During the meeting, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad stated: “Education, skills and technical training are at the heart of of economic growth which is sustainable, inclusive and adds value. both latent and active work force need to be built up for future investment and self-employment. He added that management training programs and business incubators can help a lot of in in this respect.

Dr. Mukhtar further stated that the effective participation of industry one of the most important parts of in skill development system what is missing in Pakistan. He said it makes it hard for graduates to get skills that employers want, leading make the business less competitive.

have a terrible need for focusing on training as an investment in technical production equipped pupils who could do better compete in in the market said Dr. Kaisar Abbas, adding that the unambiguous and well-articulated national agenda for skills development should be presented as policy in higher educational institutions.

UoS VC stated that communication between industry and academia is essential. for transformation higher the education sector, which allows it compete on global level. By strengthening links between academia and industry, Pakistan can also achieve economic prosperity, he stressed.

Moreover, he said: “We must focus on human resources development as well as equip our youth with in skills it is necessary to comprehensively study domestic and international markets.”

HEC Chairman praised VK for his work teach people from disadvantaged groups and told him to concentrate on quality of education if he wants to do real changes in society.

Dr. Kaisar Abbas also invited the Chairman of the WEC to the upcoming event of 20 years of celebration of academic excellence, research productivity, knowledge sharing and global worldview.

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