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Heavy rain in Bengaluru disrupts drinking water supply, 2 km traffic jam

Scattered parts of heavy rain of Bengaluru again on On Monday evening, it caused floods and traffic jams of several kilometers.

Bangalore Water Supply and Sanitation Board (BWSB) warned of water supply interruption in several regions of The city for today and tomorrow.

The council has temporarily arranged the carriers for free of cost. It will be supplied to areas where the water supply has been suspended through taps.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will visit TK Halli وحدة unit of Bengaluru Water Board in Mandya district that will manage the drinking water supply to Bengaluru city because of the rush of Water in the unit after heavy rain on Sunday night.

“I am leaving for mandia soon After the teacher’s day to assess the situation. BWSSB Chairman, Engineers and secretary of urban development Section already Submit to the unit. Officials of Mandia District busy in drain out water from the pumping station. The situation is expected to be brought under control by evening. Technology team Works on Emergency mode to restart machines. I will visit and give “Instructions needed,” Mr. Bomay said. news ANI Agency.

several lakes in The city The water overflowed and flooded the rainwater drains, affecting low-lying areas where water entered homes.

Bengaluru home For companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Wipro, all of them of From run Logistics and other operations from there.

Infrastructure development in The city did not save up with Permanent traffic jams and unplanned construction on dried-up bed of lakes leading To frequent flooding even after moderate rains, complain city Comp.

It has been raining lately in Bengaluru was exceptional. BS Bommai drove government actively watching issue and work hard to me resolve It is also soon as such possible. thriving city who was constantly growing for Contracts are necessary face “Some infrastructure issues,” said Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, Minister of Information Technology.

Earlier today, the authorities deployed inflatable boats for the ferry people About and snapshots on social media Shown tractors used to transport passengers from the airport.

Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA) Awning group for IT sector, staff advice work From home While many schools and colleges shut.

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