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head of GB secretary leads fast action for computerization of land books

GILGIT: Main secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan presided over plan meeting of action for process with quick update and computerization of land reforms and accounting.

The key points at the meeting were: decisions. memorandum of understanding between region and Council of Income, government of Punjab will be signed within one a week. This Memorandum of Understanding will be directed to help GB move on for quick update and computerization of land books.

Among other things help, government of Punjab will expand technical cooperation and give study visits and training of State Security officials.

Council GB of Income also draft Land Reform Law to be submitted in workshops across the UK for discussions and consensus building. Shire public consultations should be carried out with the participation of all interested parties. Commissioners should hold these seminars immediately.

Agreed project of the law must be submitted to the Cabinet and the GBLA for disclosure.

Settlement records of uninhabited areas should be prepared and records of populated areas should be updated on military base.

land records of all areas, including lands developed ETI project must be digitized through a specialized team.

Consultant team for this goal should include multidisciplinary experienced HR with wide experience in digitization and preparation of cadastral documentation.

Capacity of The Bank of Russia should be built to transform into an efficient, modern organization resolution of land disputes and promotion of socio-economic development in addition to preserving best land income records.

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