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He watched the mother of a killer trying to smuggle him… after two brothers were stabbed to death and their father was wounded

He watched the mother of a killer trying to smuggle him… after two brothers were stabbed to death and their father was wounded

Two young men were stabbed to death by their 24-year-old neighbor in Irbid Governorate (Northern Jordan), while their father was seriously injured and is still under treatment, and the killer was arrested after his mother tried to hide him from view.

The criminal is a drug addict

A security source revealed to Al Arabiya.net the details of the crime, which started at exactly four o’clock in the evening on Monday, stressing that the killer of the two young men in Irbid Born in 1997, he is a drug user and is subject to a travel ban and has a number of criminal restrictions against him.

The source explained that the young man who stabbed three people died. Two of them are from their neighbors from the same area, without knowing the reasons that prompted him to do so.

The killer’s mother tried to help him escape

A report was received before The security operations room, with a quarrel and stabbing of people in the Palestine Street area in Irbid, and the movement was carried out by the two police stations, and while they were walking near Al-Hosn Street, the known killer was seen “running” with his mother, so they got out of the vehicle and chased after him. On foot in secondary roads.

The information from the security source indicated that the killer was arrested and the weapon used by him in committing the crime was seized. He was arrested as “SA”, born in 1997, in possession of a sharp tool (a gazelle moose), a hand-made black iron spear, and sharp tools, which led to the death of Tamer al-Hammouri, born in 1986, and his brother, Rami, born in 1981, and the injury of Their father was born in 1957 and his condition is bad.

The killer made his own weapon

The Governor of Irbid Radwan Al-Atoum said that the father of the two victims as a result of the murder that took place in the city of Irbid in the evening Monday, he is still alive, but his condition is critical.


The wounded father

He indicated that the offender had a travel ban and drug cases and had 9 criminal restrictions against him, and he was arrested and the sharp tool was seized ( Moss Qarn Ghazal), indicating that he works in the blacksmithing profession and had also made a spear to carry out the crime.

The seized was delivered They were taken to the security center, and the necessary procedures were taken by them, the seizures were released and samples and swabs were taken from the killer. The Irbid Public Prosecutor, Muhammad Naseer, was informed, and he attended the site, and ordered the two bodies to be transferred to the forensic medicine at Badi’ah Hospital to determine the cause of death.

The source confirmed that, during the investigation with the killer, he confessed to having stabbed the two young men, following previous disputes about a year ago. The killer’s family was evacuated and kept inside the security center, and the necessary guards were placed on the killer’s house.

The media spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate said that a report was received on Monday evening to the Irbid Governorate Police Directorate that a person had stabbed two young men and their father in The center of Irbid city, following a previous dispute between the two neighboring parties.


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