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He was beaten by the teacher for drinking water from a bowl, Dalit boy died of infection in Raj Galore cut off the internet in region

nine-year-Born from Dalit community Die on On Saturday after being beaten up by teacher for Touching a bowl of drinking water in a private The school in Galore District of Rajasthan, police said.

the incident took place on July 20 in private The school in Surana Village in Galore District of Rajasthan. The injured girl, Indra Mijwal, was taken to the hospital in Ahmedabad for treatment or treatment.

However, he died in hospital during treatment on Police officials said on Saturday.

The police arrested teacher Shail Singh, 40, and charged him with murder And under the sections of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prohibit of atrocities). Internet has also commented in The area To prevent the situation from escalating.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot expressed his sadness over The incident said that the teacher was detained and arrested for murder Under the SC/ST Code.

The State Department of Education has launched an investigation into the matter and Rajasthan SC Chairman Khiladi Lal Bairua has ordered to take it up According to the case officer scheme for fast Investigation.

admin of police of Galore Harsh Vardhan Agarwala said the boy was beaten up badly and added that reason Quote for Touching a drinking water bowl – Not yet investigated. We have filed a case against The teacher, Shail Singh, under section 302 of “IPC and SC/ST Act and arrested him,” the police officer said.

boys father He said he was injured in for him face And the ear almost lost consciousness. The boy was taken to the district hospital, where he was transferred to the hospital in Udaipur.

He stayed in the hospital in Udaipur for About a week, but I do not see improvementwe took From there to Ahmedabad. But his condition didn’t improve even there and he finally gave up on Saturday, ‘Boy father Divaram Meghwal said. The state Department of Education has asked two officials to investigate the matter and report to the education official.

BJP leader Shehzad Poonawala targeted the state government and asked how long unjust on Dalits continue.

‘Terrifying in a private The school in Surana Village in Galore district, Rajasthan, a Dalit child was assaulted for drinking water from a bowl – the child died during treatment CM @ashokgelot51 ji, how This injustice will last on Dalits continue? BJP leader asked: Where is Rahul Gandhi? in Tweet.

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