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Hate speech: SC supports UP supportive SC’s order to prosecute Yogi

Supreme court on Friday dismissed an appeal against the Allahabad High Court ruling upholding the UP government allow Punishment to sue Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in case 2007 for He allegedly gives a flamboyant speech. Adityanath was the deputy of Gorakhpur for the BJP at the time.

On August 24, a bench of President of the Supreme Court of India NV Ramana, Judges Hima Kohli and CT Ravikumar, have retained her application in Subject.

writing for The bench Judge Ravikumar agreed with Submit of Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi, who was representing UP governmentthis “next events” in The case “turned the current appeal into a purely academic practice.”

As such, the bench He said, “We don’t think it is necessary to go into the disagreements raised by both sides on The issue of denial of Punishment for The prosecution and legal arguments sought to raise them in Regarding said issue”.

The benchHowever, he said, “We believe it is appropriate that the legal questions on The issue of be the punishment left open for consideration in suitable condition.”

The petitionerParvez Parwaz, challenged UP government’s decision on May 3, 2017 – 2 months after Adityanath took charge as Chief Minister for The first Time – Denying Punishment for prosecution.

Advocate Fadel Al-Ayoubi for Parwaz, that Allahabad High Court, which rejected plea on February 22, 2018, did not enter the question of “Whether the state can pass Order under section 196 of the Central Inventory Protection Act in respect of The proposed accused in a criminal who . case in In the meantime, get elected Such as Chief Minister He is the chief executive according to the scheme provided for in Article 163”.

According to section 196 of The court may not take note of this of An offense under IPC Sections 153a (promoting hostility between different groups on Reasons of religion, race, place of Birth and residence languageetc., doing harmful work maintenance of harmony) or 295a (willful and malicious acts intended to provoke religious sentiments of any group by insulting their religion or religious beliefs) except with previous punishment of central or state government.

It was the Supreme Court found no procedural error in Investigation or refusal to award punishment.

Rohatgi pointed out out That closure report already uploaded in The case after due investigation on May 6, 2017, and that the CD that formed the basis of was the claim found to be “tampered” with.

Supreme Court bench also said in His command said that it “looks from record That forensic report of The CD that forms the basis of was the claim found to be tampered with and edited according to the report of 13.10.2014, submitted by the CFSL in which the appellants did not contest this position.”

The case referred to an incident of January 27, 2007, when a person known as Raj Kumar Agrahari suffered fatal injuries in A clash between two groups during the Muharram procession. Frame A former The Gorakhpur-based journalist and activist had filed the case on September 26, 2008, claiming that Adityanath had delivered letters asking for “revenge” for The death of The young Hindu and that he has videos of The same.

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On July 10, 2015, the police asked to punish for sue from the state governmentthen led by the Samajwadi Party, against Adityanath, as well former MLA Radha Mohan Das Agarwal, MLA Radha Mohan Das Agarwal, former BJP Mayor Anju Chaudhary and former minister Shiv Pratap Shukla.

In an affidavit, the government The forensic report said it was found That the videos provided of sermons were not original It has been “edited and manipulated”with)”, that voice Samples were not directly Taken from Adityanath but from some other speech of for him.

In July 2020, the Sessions and District Court of Gorakhpur sentenced Parwaz to life imprisonment in Gangrab case 2018, after a 40-year-old woman accused him and another person of assaulting her on June 3, 2018.

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