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HashtagPolitics: ‘Prime Minister Shah’, ‘Dear Home Minister Modi’, vs reads meaning in Himanta slip of Tongue

slip of tongue “by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in A public crowd where the exchange official appointments of Kick Narendra Modi and Amit Shah off political controversy in the state.

The BJP asserts that it was a ‘human’ error’, while the opposition smells a conspiracy to “promote” Shah as a next prime minister.

The error occurred during Sarma’s speech in A public gather here on Tuesday to celebrate first year in office of for him governmentthat was also It was attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

during the course of In his address, Sarma expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Amit Shah, Dear Home Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. national President c. B. Nada for Guidance and inspiration.

Almost 15second video clips are now being used by opposition parties in Assam for questioning the ‘agenda’ behind This exchange of appointments of Two senior BJP leaders.

Congress is sharing the clip in that it social media Accounts have pointed out similar “false errors” regarding Sarma and his predecessor Sarbananada Sunwal.

“When Sarbanandsonwal Ji was CM MP @pallablochandas on Several occasions referred to the Cabinet minister @ himantabiswa ji like CM in public! It’s a tweet.

Have you decided on #BJP next PMOIndia replace narendramodi ing? or a campaign It was launched to promote AmitShah ji as the Prime Minister? Congress asked.

Assam Jatia Parishad (AJP) also allegedly hidden intentions and its spokesperson Zia-ur-Rehman claiming that Sarma is addressing Shah as prime minister She’s not a slip of tongue but one of for him strategy”.

He noted that Sarma is being addressed as president minister Written by Lok Sabha MP Palap Lukan Das and others near the end of sonwal government’s term in the state.

Rahman said: “The main agenda behind This title became clear Later. So, in Today’s context is not hard To understand the agenda behind Chief Minister Sarma addresses union home minister Like prime minister by the president minister. BJP spokesperson Rupam Goswami denied the opposition’s allegations asserting that they were “merely mistake”.

“It was a human error.” just slip of Tongue. It can happen to anyone,” Goswami told PTI.

he is also emphasized that “error”no caused Which “public damage or harm people of the state in In any way “.

Even Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are not angry over he is added.

Goswami said the opposition parties should Concentration on listening to problems of The public and talking on “real Issues’ related to people instead of the focus on such things.


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