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Hamdok: Those who turn and call for a coup are against the civil transition

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk stressed that “the army that protected the revolutionaries in front of the leadership does not turn,” pointing out that “the remnants are the ones who want apostasy.”

Hamdok said Wednesday that “from They turn and call for a coup. They are against the civil transition and they are necessarily remnants,” stressing that “the coup or the attempt to undermine the transition in any way has no reason other than seizing power, and any claim other than that is incorrect,” according to what was quoted by a local newspaper.

“Completing the organs of transitional government”

He also added: “We know that there is suffering and hardship in life that we see all around us, and we have sufficient information on this issue.” He stressed that “the government does not shirk its responsibilities towards the current situation. Despite that, we say that we have completed a number of files and failed in a number of others.” Because its presence helps us and helps to speed up and improve the completion of tasks.” He stressed that “there is work that must be completed, but it is not the responsibility of the executive body,” pointing out: “We have a prominent model for this, which is the Legislative Council.”

“A heavy price”

Hamdok warned that “any retreat from the requirements of the transition will have a heavy price, not only at the political level, but also at the security and legal levels.”

He also added that “the way out of the current tension is to stick to By achieving the goals of the transition and not circumventing the covenants and covenants of all parties.”

“No elected government”

Hamdok’s statements come after he was the head of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General First Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan considered that the slogans of the revolution were lost between the struggle for positions, stressing that the security forces are protecting the transitional phase in the country.

Al-Burhan said in a speech he delivered at a military graduation ceremony in Omdurman on Wednesday: “We work alone, without the support of the civilian government.”

Hamdok: Those who turn and call for a coup are against the civil transition

President of the Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan (archived from AFP)

He also continued: “There is no elected government, and we are the guardians of preserving the security of the homeland.” Dada: “We are guardians, despite everyone’s consent, on the unity and security of Sudan.”

Also, Al-Burhan explained that the armed forces accepted the prime minister’s initiative despite their exclusion of the military component, saying: “We were not invited to the prime minister’s initiative, although we Partners in the transitional period,” adding: “I say to the political partners, we must work together without excluding any component.”

“Politicians are the reason”

In turn, the First Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, nicknamed Hemedti, blamed the politicians for the repetition of coup attempts in the country. who gave the opportunity to revolutions. He considered that “the politicians neglected the citizen and his basic services and were preoccupied with the struggle over chairs and positions, which created a state of dissatisfaction and restlessness among the people.”

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Reuters archive)

Thwarting a Coup Attempt

It is noteworthy that the army had announced on Tuesday, thwarting a coup attempt to seize power and rule in the country.

The armed forces clarified in a statement broadcast on official television that the army thwarted a coup attempt, and that the security situation was stable. , that all participants in the coup attempt were arrested, according to the official news agency “SUNA”. The government and Minister of Culture and Information Hamza Balloul said in an official statement on Tuesday that the perpetrators of the coup were a group of the army affiliated with the former regime (the regime of ousted President Omar al-Bashir), noting that the coup plot wanted to turn back the clock.

in turn. Council said In a statement on Tuesday, the coup attempt was led by Major General Abdel-Baqi Al-Hassan Othman (Bakrawi), along with 22 officers of different ranks, and a number of non-commissioned officers and soldiers.

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