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Half of british speak cost of life crisis made health worsens, survey results | Expenses of living crisis

More than half of people in In Great Britain already seen their health deteriorate result of in cost of Life crisis, study shows doctors are warning some patients can no longer afford to take care of themselves.

YouGov Poll of 2001 people commissioned by King’s College of Doctors (PRK) found 55% believe that their health has deteriorated due to problems such as higher heating and food costs. One in four of these people reported by a doctor or other health worker, with stress as a driving factor of ill health.

” cost of life crisis has barely begun, so fact that one in two people is an already experiencing declining health should sound wake-up calls, especially at a time when our health service more pressure than ever before,” said Dr. Andrew Goddard, President of RKP.

Of all those who reported a deterioration in their health, 84% said that this was due to an increase in heating costs, 78% referred to rising cost of food and almost half (46%) said travel costs had an impact.

About 37% of those in higher income brackets (ABC1) said cost of life crisis had a rather negative impact on their health, while 16% said it had a very negative impact. From those in lower socioeconomic groups, 37% said it had a fairly negative impact, and 22% said it had a very negative impact.

“This study shows that cost-ofLife crisis damages perceived health and well-being of poorer people’ said Professor Sir Michael Marmot, director of University College London Institute of Health equity. “The surprise is that people in upper-middle income groups are also affected.”

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RCP members also disclosed how people suffered with one speaking female ulcers on her fingertips were made worse for her house be cold.

Another patient couldn’t afford a trip to the hospital for research and treatment of lung cancer during medical also told people asthma and other lung diseases made worse from exposure to mold in substandard public housing.

“Many more Families will have to choose between giving up necessities vital to a healthy life, such as food and heating, or sinking into stress and uncertainty. of problem debt,” said Katherine Merrifield, assistant director for healthy lifestyle in the Health Foundation. ” government need to keep on a crisis. Recent decisions suggest that they have yet to fully learn the harsh lesson of the pandemic that health and wealth are inextricably linked.”

BUT government the representative said: “We understand how in rising cost of life makes life hard for people and we provide support worth over £22 billion in 2022-23 to help families with these pressures.

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