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Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022: After noticing Mallikarjun outside ‘Ravan’, an insider tip



Mumtaz Patel said it was wise avoid Comments like this.

New Delhi:

Congress chief Mallikarjun is out, whose remarks in ‘Raavan’ targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi sparked a backlash. for The party”advised” the insider to choose his words carefully because they could be misused.

Mumtaz Patel, Congress leader from Bharuch in Gujarat and daughter of Sonia Gandhi’s political adviser, Ahmed Patel, said it was wise to do so avoid Comments like this.

“we should Be careful about what we say because words are misused real I lost the message,” Ms Patel told NDTV on Question about insults against Prime Minister Modi that backfired to a large extent on Conference. are later added Her advice would be to all parties and all leaders and not specifically to Congress.

mr was out made Unwise comment Earlier this week, during the campaign in Gujarat for The first time since taking over as President of Congress.

Modi ji is the prime minister workHe continues his election campaign in Corporate elections, MLA elections, MP elections, everywhere…all the time he speaks for himself – ‘You don’t have to look at anyone else, just Look at Modi and vote”. how many times do see your face? How many models do you have? Do you have 100 heads? like Ravan? said Mr. Outside.

days before him, to him party Fellow Madhusudan Mistry had it made Comments refer to the “aukat (status)” that Prime Minister Modi has repeatedly raised in his marches.

The prime minister responded to criticism from congressional leaders at a rally yesterday in Kalol, Gujarat.

“there competition in Conference on who Modi will insult more and more use Prime Minister Modi said while campaigning ‘bigger and sharper insults’ in Kalol in Gujarat.

“A few days back,” the Congress leader said. Modi will do it die a dog’s death Another said Modi would die Hitler death. Another said if you get a file chanceSick kill Moody myself…someone says Ravan, someone says Rakshash (demon), someone says Cockroach… I am not surprised that Congress calls Modi names, I am surprised… anyone It will be – though using Such words, Congress has never regretted. Congress thinks they have the right to insult Modi, the prime minister of this country.”

Ahmed Patel who He was the most trusted aide of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, died of Covid at the age of 71, two years ago.

although daughter Mumtaz Patel is not politically active, he weighed in on Congress related topics often.

She did not contest Gujarat elections but was not bound on Run in the 2024 elections as a candidate for Congress. “For now, I will observe and understand things. After that, I will go in between public And then, I’ll compete… Let’s see yet yearShe is quoted as saying news ANI agency.

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