Greek pilot sentenced to life in prison for murder of British wife Caroline Crouch

The court ruled down in maximum possible offer, with The courts concluded that there were no extenuating circumstances in case. This means that according to Greek law, he will serve up up to 20 years in jail.

“It was a heinous crime it was crime during which for six minutes and 42 seconds woman of his life, as he called it, was dying in his hands, but he still does not back down once,” said Tanasis Harmanis, a lawyer. for Miss Crouch family.

“It was a historic trial. Caroline is now a symbol of in struggle against violence towards women.”

The 34-year-old British-trained pilot stared straight ahead as the judge handed down the verdict.

He initially claimed that the couple’s maisonette had been broken into by three robbers. north of Athens, tying him to a chair, strung up their puppy named Roxy fell off the railing and strangled his wife in front of their 11 month old daughter Lydia.

He’s stuck in a charade for more month, delivering a eulogy at her funeral, where he embraced his mother-in-the law until the police found evidence proving it story was a lie based on data from Ms. Crouch’s smartwatch that revealed inconsistencies in his account.



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