“Greed for Money”: Energy Consumers hit out with rapid growth of direct debit accounts

Energy companies have been criticized by customers who say their direct debit payments already rushed forward of in price lid rise in October.

Electricity and gas companies EDF and E-on were among the firms under fire on social media, one of who said that their account almost doubled.

Earlier this week, experts warned that the average household bill could rise up to £4,266 per annum year in January.

That figure was surpassed by an even bleaker forecast from consulting firm Auxilione. on Thursday that said they could rise to more over £5,000 by April.

You facing such huge jumps in direct debit? If yes, email matt.mathers@independent.co.uk

Ofgem, the regulator, set raise current price lid in October. Expected that rise to more than £3,500.

But one twitter user, using handle @AFMLambie, said their bill was already increased from £252 to £473.

“This is unacceptable @edfenergy How do you expect people find £473 every month?” the man wrote.

“£252 a month is almost on impossible to find, and you increase my direct debit by almost 88%.”

Another Twitter user named Neil J. Edmonds said his bill had skyrocketed to £959.12 per month. for “double” semi”.

“Explain yourself @eon_next,” he said. added. See my attachments. July usage was 199 kWh, which was billed at £103.63. I am refusing to pay as you keep setting £700+ direct debit every month and want raise it to almost £1,000 a month in September Greed for money.

Outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson insisted on Friday what hard-hit households can count on additional help deal with the spiral cost of bills for accommodation and electricity, regardless of of who replaces it like prime minister.

He also made it clear that he believed current package of measures are not enough to support British households amid worsening economic outlook.

Rishi Sunak, former chancellor and contender for the leadership of the Conservatives, set out plans for additional help for those who are struggling to pay your bills.

His rival Liz Truss, a foreigner secretary candidate to replace Johnson as prime minister still refuses commit to what she called “handouts” to ease the crisis.

representative for EDF Energy inspired customers with problems to contact the firm so they can investigate.

“Any of our clients who on a fixed price rate should not increase. up until their tariff is up,” they added. “Customers are not on a fixed price rate will see their Direct Debits change at the moment of their 6-month direct debit review where do we evaluate amount of energy used by the customer and calculate the annual cost based on on their prices.

“Annual cost then spread over in year in equal parts, not fluctuating on monthly based on on Application.

“Customers keep option increase their direct debit amounts at any time if they feel they like to tune in to the increase in in price lid.

“In addition, we encourage our customers to consider using smart meters or provide regular indications for ensure they get accurate bills and help us do more accurate calculations on the spot of review.

“Smart meters also allow our customers to have a better understanding of their use, as well as the provision of personal advice on energy saving via energy node.

The Independent contacted E-on for comment.


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