Governor Whitmer Activates Emergency Center After High Water main break, boil water

LANSING, Michigan – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on On Saturday, August 13, the State Emergency Operational Headquarters became more active. with 13 Metro Detroit communities received boil water recommendations after a major water accident.main break.

The recommendations were originally expected to affect 935,000 people in 23 communities, but list since reduced with Flint area and others receiving drinking water from Genesee County.

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Whitmer activated the operations center at 4:00 pm. in response to a breakthrough near the Lake Huron water treatment plant of the Great Lakes Water Authority. While the operations center is working on fulfilling requests for bottled water.

It will provide public resources to local communities.

“Now our top priority is to protect public health and safety of Michigan dwellers down to this water main is fixed as quick as possible”Witmer said. in statement.

“I am grateful to all of in first emergency services, utilities, county and municipal governments and all others who works hard do sure our neighbors have safe water. We will continue work with local officials and are ready to offer full weight of government resources to get the job done.”

The operations center is overseen by the Michigan State Police, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Division of Homeland Security. He coordinates the response of state bodies and local governments.


It is not recommended to boil water for According to officials, the flint is due to a secondary source of water

Great Lakes Water Authority issues recommendations for boiling water for 23 communities, 935 thousand, after main leak

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