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Governor swears in cabinet of 21 members of Punjab – Pakistan

Punjab Governor Baligur Rehman on Saturday sworn in the newelected A 21-member provincial cabinet that includes all PTI members, days after the Supreme Court declared Parvez Elahi provincial executive. on win 186 votes in in run-off elections of Punjab Assembly.

The ceremony was held at the Governor’s House in Punjab, where newly appointed provincial ministers dressed in shervani swore allegiance in.

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in new cabinet, finance portfolio transferred to Mohsin Leghari; in home and the administration of prisons was brought under control of retired colonel Hashim Dogar; law and parliament affairs Khurram Virk; Dr. Yasmine Rashid was retained as health minister Raja Yasser Humayun in the role higher education and IT minister and Murad Raas as schooling minister.

Former home and law minister Basharat Raja was placed in charge of cooperatives and prosecution; Asif Nikay was selected for the excise and tax department, and Ali Sahi the Communications and Works (C&W) department.

Taimur Malik will lead sports and culture, Ansar Niyazi (labor), Munib Cheema (transport), Shahabuddin Sekhar (livestock), Nawabzada Mansoor Khan (income), Jahanian Gardezi (agriculture), Ghazananfar Abbas Chkhina (social welfare), Latif Nazar (mines and minerals), Hasnanim Dareshak (energy and food), Mian Mahmudur Rashid (local government), Mian Aslam Iqbal (housing and industry), and Ali Abbas Shah (forest and wildlife). Omar Sarfraz Cheema was elected advisor to the head minister on information.

In TV footage of ceremony, singing of “Ay ay, PTI“(Here comes the PTI) step out right after the leaders took the oath.

Question on who will consist of a Punjab cabinet, was finally agreed during a meeting between PTI head Imran Khan and Elahi. on Thursday.

According to Dawn report, the names approved by Imran were given over to the head of the ministers sonMNA Muniz Elahi.

Muniz received list of proposed first phase cabinet of 21 members and assured PTI Chairman Imran Khan that he already given the post of Chief Minister of Punjab in PML-Q and nothing more was required. He added that Khan told him that the parliamentarians PML-Q also be inducted into the provincial cabinet in in second phase.


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