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Governor of Texas: 15 killed in school shooting; action movie dead

UWALDE, TX (AP) – 18-year-old shooter opened fire Tuesday at Texas Elementary School killing fourteen children, one teacher and injure others, Gov. Greg Abbott said, and the shooter was dead.

It was the deadliest U.S. elementary school shooting since the shocking incident. attack in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, almost ten years ago.

The shooter went to Robb Elementary School. in uvalde with a pistol and possibly a rifle, Abbott said. Officials did not reveal the motive for shooting, but said the shooter was a resident of in community it’s about 85 miles (135 km) to the west of San Antonio.

Abbott said that the shooter was probably killed by the arriving officers, but that events were still under investigation. Head of Uvalde Unified Independent School District of Police officer Pete Arredondo said news conference that the shooter was acting alone.

It was the deadliest school shooting in Texas history and happened four years after the gunman shot 10 people at Santa Fe High School in Houston area.

“He shot, horribly, incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher,” the governor said, adding that two officers were wounded but are expected to have survived.

It wasn’t right away clear how many people, in addition to dead, were injured, but Arredondo said there were “several wounds”. Earlier, the Uwalde Memorial Hospital reported that 13 children were taken there. Another hospital reported 66-year- the old woman was in critical condition.

Robb Elementary School has a set of just up to 600 students and Arredondo said he caters to students in in second, third and fourth grade. He didn’t state his age. of in children who were shot.

Numerous policemen surrounded the school on Tuesday evening. with officers in heavy vests distracting traffic and FBI agents arriving and departing from building.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says President Joe Biden has been briefed on school shooting on Air Force One as it returns from a five day trip to Asia and will continue to receive updates. Jean-Pierre said Biden will give a speech Tuesday night at the White House.

uvalde home up to about 16000 people and this place of government for county Uvalde. The city is about 75 miles (120 km) from the border. with Mexico. Robb Elementary School in mostly residential area of modest homes. Have a funeral home through street from school.

Filming in Texas came less than two weeks after the action movie opened fire in the supermarket in Buffalo, New York killing 10 black buyers and workers in what officials called hate crime.


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