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Governor of Oregon race: Independent Candidate Derails Election, Giving GOP Opportunity


Betsey Johnson nominates herself for Governor of Oregon who will speak for voters who “feed up” with homeless camps and littered streets and tired of Watching Republicans and Democrats”fight like two cats in bag”.

former The Democratic state senator, now running as an independent, likes to brag about not campaigning as “Miss Congeniality” and promising to rule from the center. Johnson argues that politics of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek former Speaker of the State House of Representatives who appears in private fundraising reception with President Joe Biden on Saturday – Retire from “woke up and broke” state while claiming her Republican opponent Kristin Drazan. former minority leader in the state House of Representatives, would jeopardize women’s reproductive rights.

“I’m a champion and voice right now of people who feel disrespectful, disenfranchised, look down and they are sick of this is bespectacled former helicopter pilot said in phone interview as Biden headed to the state this week. “I have always been for choice, for cops, for change, for…accountability and for an alternative to the status quo. The status quo became us no place and only people who suffered were Oregonians.”

Resonance of this is a post from a moderator former democrat with deep financial support in Oregon business community turned over race for the governor is year – irritates Democrats creating scenario in which the Republicans can capture in office for in first time in 40 years.

Two years after Portland survived 100 nights of protests against police brutality and racial injustice – demonstrations that often led to violence – the state’s largest city still trying to restore his image. What recovery this process was hindered by the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the closure of businesses. And challenge for Democrats have been aggravated financial stressors that many voters and business now the owners feel result of inflation. Portland also was record amount of killings in 2021 and struggling with wave of gun violence that raises concerns about crime.

race between Johnson, Kotek and Drazan as a substitute term- Limited Democratic Gov. Kate Brown was already unusual, like a match between three women in what could be record year for candidates for governor.

But Johnson was also able to pull off rare feat for independent candidate, keeping pace in fundraising with main-party raffle nominees on her relationship with business leaders. Nike co-founder Phil Knight donated $3.75 million to Johnson. campaign before seemingly shifting his affection to Drazan with $1 million contribution earlier this month.

Johnson’s presence in in race was an unexpected boon for republicans, who are only about quarter of electorate. Democrats do up about 34% of count of state voters and unaffiliated Oregon residents for nearly 35%, according to the latest data from Oregon. secretary of state.

Jim Moore, politician science professor at the University of the Pacific, Johnson said appears to be pumping more votes from the Democrats creating which is essentially a draw between Kotek and Drazan in state that Biden won to 16 points in 2020.

“Voters are getting more and more dissatisfied with what the Democrats are doing, but they don’t want to go to the Republicans who went even further to the right, Moore said. This led to support for Johnson among disgruntled Democrats and growing state ranks of non-partisan voters.

“There is just frustrated by the fact that life in general is getting harder.” – Moore added. “So much people came to Oregon or grew up up here – and say: “Yes, I’m paid less than in other places, but the quality of life is Beautiful”. And they see this quality of life drop”.

Drazan, and social conservative and opponent of abortion rights, also focused her message on the idea that the state needs more balance in government as he tries to decide rise in homelessness, affordability of housing and achievement spaces facing how result of school closures during the pandemic. Drazan has also criticized relaxation of some high school graduation requirements as she claims for parent account of rights – echoing the message of Republicans such as Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who will campaign with her in Oregon next a week.

“We had one-off party control for decade, which means we had legislature really, really fail to hold the governor to account, and we also had a governor fail hold the legislature to account,” she said during a recent debate. hosted KOBI-TV and Southern Oregon University. “We need balance. We need sound decisions based on common sense – with long term value.”

Kotek counters that Drazan showed obstructionist tendencies when she led the strike in the legislature. in 2020 in protest against the climate bill. The Democrat claimed that Drazan move effectively killed legislation that, among other things, would have contributed to the state’s efforts to improve the situation with homelessness.

“Tina called for state of homelessness of emergency almost three years ago, but Rep. Kristin Drazan literally walked off work – blocking millions of dollars for emergency shelters for the homeless and the construction of affordable housing,” Katie Wertheimer, Communications Specialist, Kotek. director said in statement.

“Oregonians are rightly disappointed and want real solutions to the problem of homelessness, crime and cost of life, Wertheimer added. “Tina will do what Kate Brown couldn’t or wouldn’t do and finally announce that this is the state of emergency, and she will hire crews to clean up up trash. She’s the only trusted leader in this is race bringing forward real plans what will deliver results”.

Drazan defended rationale for strike at the time, saying it was not the time for cap-and-trade policy, “because we cannot prevent the transfer of these costs on – not to big companies, not utilities, but just straight down line to the Oregonians.”

“Homelessness, crime, accessibility and education all deteriorated dramatically in her time. in powerDrazan campaign spokesman John Burke said. of Kotek. “The Oregonians are fed up of her excuses and her failed agenda. That’s why they’re going to elect Kristin Drazan as their next governor.”

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