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Government will use IVAucher to lower fuel prices by 10 cents

Portuguese will be able to see a maximum of 25 euros returned by the end of March 2022

The Minister of Finance, João Leão, announced last Friday the 22nd of October that the Government will use IVAucher to refund 10 cents per liter of fuel prices by March 2022.

This program includes a maximum of 50 liters per month or 5 euros return, via direct bank transfer.


In other words, each taxpayer can have a maximum discount of five euros per month, the which represents a maximum total return of 25 euros.

This measure follows the two-cent drop in gasoline prices and one-cent drop in diesel prices announced last week .

Government relieves fuel tax

According to statements made to TVI24 last Friday, the minister justifies this level by considering it to be the average monthly consumption pattern of the Portuguese and with the high financial impact of this measure to the state coffers.

The expected return is in the order of 133 million euros, and, according to the latest public news, it is 50 million euros above the amount already accumulated by the Portuguese with the IVAucher referring only to the catering, accommodation and culture sectors.



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