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Government warns of gubernatorial rule in Punjab after SC sent off Hamza Shahbaz

Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla at a press conference in islamabad, on July 27, 2022 – YouTube/Geo News
  • Sanaullah warns against worsening of political situation after the order of the Armed Forces in Punjab CM matter of elections.
  • Interior minister says political instability behind dollarfast jump against Pakistani rupee.
  • Nawaz will lead elections campaign as soon as he comes back, minister adds.

ISLAMABAD: federal government Wednesday warned of imposing gubernatorial rule in Punjab after the Supreme Court removed Hamza Shahbaz as chief minister and led Pervez Elahi backed by Imran Khan. office.

“Governor Imposition Summary rule being developed, and I – personally – started work on this,” Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla said at a press conference.

Interior minister said that if his entry into the Punjab was banned, it might lead to overlay of governor rule in The most populous province of Pakistan as PTI leaders proposed to ban him from entering. in Punjab.

Meanwhile, analysts are calling for calm between coalition rulers and PTI, as it is crucial in these “unreliable” moments against the backdrop of depleting foreign exchange reserves, fast- falling currency and historically high inflation.

Markets nervous due to political unrest in Punjab, and tensions are expected to continue to escalate following the recent Supreme Court ruling. decision, analysts said, asking political leaders not to provoke one another.

At his press conference, the interior minister noted that the current situation is an issue of “anxiety” for the whole nation and that dollar quickly strengthened against rupee.

“When such events take place, the situation will be as it is,” he said, referring to the Supreme Court’s decision and the constant protests of PTI. against in government.

Nawaz Sharif in lead elections campaign: minister

Interior minister said SC decision will lead to further deterioration in political arena, which is the main reason for rupees fast depreciation.

Sanaulla added what after no-confidence traffic against former prime minister Imran Khan has been successful, says PML-N. for moving to extraordinary polls, indicating that coalition partners did not agree.

He also added that one day general place polls will come PML-N High Representative Nawaz Sharif back to the country and lead election campaigns.

But now the federal government this is government of coalition partners, and coalition formed governments in Sindh and Balochistan. Federal government has its own meaning,” he said.

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