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Government raises age limit to 23 under Agnipath scheme, assures intake will go up, menus postService methods | India news

NEW DELHI – Amid escalating violent protests against Radical new foreigners Recruitment scheme soldiers Just for four years government late on Thursday night announced Max age for Candidates will now be increased to 23 from 21 as one of the candidates one- Waive time.
The government also Emphasize the intake in Armed forces in The coming years will be about three times more current Recruitment, with many ways also is opened for Those laid off after the four-year periods.
“After starting of Agnipath scheme, age of entry for All new recruits in The armed forces were fixed 17.5 to 21 years old of The Ministry of Defense said.

The government I decided oneTime waiver is granted for Suggested recruitment cycle for 2022 under 46000 Agniverse He will be recruited, because he was not possible To carry out recruitment rallies for The last Two years. Therefore, the maximum age for Recruitment process for Agnipath diagram for 2022 will increase to 23 years, ”said the Ministry of Defense.
slash of eat this year to me just 46000 in The armyand IAF and Navy with under age of From 17.5 to 21 years old, that too for Fouryear periods with No pension benefits and ex-military, has led to protests in States like UP, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttarakhand traditionally contribute in In large numbers to 14 lakh strong armed forces.

12 lakh army used to alone conscript over 50000 soldiers every year and with The number touches up to 80,572 when the recruitment rallies were held for The last time in 2019-2020. Although the army suspended its enlistment during 2020, 21 and 2021-22, the IAF entered 13,032 pilots and the Navy 8,269 sailors. in The last Two years.
Deputy Army Commander Lieutenant General PS Raju TOI said on Wed that his force It will gradually expand up Annual Recruitment of 40.000 Agniveers This year To 1.2 lakh in the seventh or eighth year Then 1.6 lakh on the tenth or eleventh year Under the Agnipath Scheme. The ultimate goal is to have a 50:50 . ratio of regular Staff soldiers and Agniveers.

Government raises age limit to 23 under Agnipath scheme, assures intake will go up, menus postService methods |  India news

In the “Myths vs. Facts” document issued on Thursday , government He said it was a legend that future of Veterans who are demobilized – 75% of each payment – will be insecure. “For those who want to become entrepreneurs, they will get financial package (Siva Nidhi Exit package of 11.71 lakh rupees) and bank loan schemes”, a official He said.
“For those wishing to continue studying, they will be awarded 12th class equivalency certificates and a preparatory course for Other studies. Those who want to get jobs will be given priority in CAPFs and State Police Forces. many ways also is opened up for they in other sectors” added.

The government also rejected fears that thousands of combat- Young coaches are laid off every year will lead to militarization of the society. This is an insult to morals and values of Indian Armed Forces. Young who They wear the uniform for Four years will remain committed to the state for comfort of their lives. So far thousands of armed forces have retired but there have been no cases of they joining opposite-national the document said.

On criticism that induction of Agnivers will affect operational capabilities of The armed forces said, “In short term recruitment system Existing in bone countries and then already tested out It is considered best practice for A young and agile army.”
“Numbers of Agniveers to be recruited in The first year will only make up 3% of Armed forces. In addition, the performance of Agniveers will be tested before re-induction in Army after four years. Hence, the army will be tested and tried personnel for supervisory ranks added.


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