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government plans dodge the president for OK of decisive bill


federal government on Got approved on Thursday of National Assembly over The Electoral (Amendment) Act 2022, which repeals use of electronic voting machines (EVM) and prohibits overseas Pakistanis from voting in in next general elections.

However, in order to obtain approval from the President, it is necessary for implementation of legislation, remained an obstacle for in government.

But according to insiders, in hit of genius, t. government It has found a way overcome the obstacle.

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Sources dedicated to development said Express Tribune that President Arif Alvi already convened parliament joint session which the government can expand according to wish so that he can get approval from him if the president creates any obstacle for legislation.

They said the president was obstructing work of in government and not bearing out his constitutional duties, including changing of Governor of Punjab.

Sources also said the bills that were approved today (Thursday) in The National Assembly will need ratification by the President for it to become law. But the president has the constitutional right to make up up to 10 days to review it and can send it back for revision if it deems it inappropriate.

In such a scenario they added bills to be submitted in a joint session of parliament. government think tank during the discussion came to the conclusion that if the joint session ask the president in In that case, he probably won’t call It.

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To avoid such a scenario, as told by insiders, government asked the president call a joint session of parliament, referring to the discussion on current economic situation in country and global safety and economy environment.

President, thinking over This is for eight days finally convened session but he can’t put it off since it’s a domain of Speaker of the National Assembly who suspended the current session until Tuesday and may extend it if necessary.

government Now plans continue it session as he foresees the president’s resistance to ratification of bills, but he will have option of get their approval at a joint session of parliament.

By law, the president can only adjourn a meeting. session if government asks. Now government send both bills to the President for ratification who can either approve them immediately, or can continue to obstruct in legislation and send it back to government.

In this case government will receive approval from parliament session for bills become law.


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