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Government and PTI at odds over Repeated DG ISPR failure of Imran Conspiracy Statement – Pakistan

government and PTI executives on Wednesday was again at odds over The Director General (DG) of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar again denied of former prime minister and a statement by PTI Chairman Imran Khan that the US-backed regime change plot was behind his fall from the top office.

In an interview with host Kamran Shahid on Dunya News show On the front The previous evening, the Director General of ISPR said that he “already clarified” the question before proceeding to again refute the conspiracy claim.

Taking into account first Meeting of the National Security Committee (KNB) on diplomatic cable in the center of conspiracy allegation that took place during Imran’s tenure, DG ISPR stated that it was attended by senior military leadership and participants were clear and in details informed by the agencies that there is no kind of conspiracy or any evidence of It”.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar held a press conference in Islamabad today to turn to military comments from the press secretary.

Umar said it was “beyond his understanding” why need refer to issue again from the platform of DG ISPR.

“DG ISPR rightly says that the army should stay away from politics and he urges political parties not to involve the army in politics, which is right,” he said.

“Now is it imported government happened or didn’t happen by interference or conspiracy, let the political parties talk about it with each other. But now that he said so, it is necessary give answer.”

PTI leader said he was part of of what first Meeting of the National Security Council and during the reading of the diplomatic letter outa military representative called for facts and opinions should be considered separately. development on these “facts”, Umar said that it was written that “clear threat” was given to Pakistan that if no-confidence traffic against Imran failed then the country will face “isolation and difficulties.”

“What I am saying was not once, but twice mentioned in press release after NSC meeting [and] the words of a ‘clear foreign interference” and it was said that “this is totally unacceptable”.

“It fact on there are no two opinions,” he said. added.

Umar said the meeting of the National Security Council did not answer the question whether “foreign interference” was part of the of conspiracy or not, adding that DG ISPR was right that some military officials saw no evidence of CONSPIRACY. However, he added so much of civic leaders in The meeting of the National Security Council expressed the opinion that there was a conspiracy.

Effort mention made PTI in formation of judicial commission for cable gate case, Umar petitioned the Supreme Court to order and added what Imran decided again write to the Chief Judge of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial to convince him to keep an eye on things.

“I repeat that let politicians deal with with political affairs. If DG ISPR does not deem it necessary to re-clarify political issues, then I think it would be better for army and country.

PTI leader Shirin Mazari also disagree with ISPR CEO version of in events, stating that, contrary to his claims, no detailed intelligence report was produced. in NSC meeting.

Umar said that hegreat love for army” together with long family ties with institution, but he said that this did not mean that the opinion of the army on constitutional obligations of civilian leadership could be considered “final word”.

Real conspiracy is what PTI is into, claims information minister

Shortly thereafter, Minister of Information Marriyum Aurangzeb in press conference of her own, hit back from PTI leaders. She said that the remarks of Umar and Mazari were made on directions of Imran and were supposed to divert attention from PTI. current problems and scandals such as the foreign funding case.

She criticized PTI for approving first Press release of a meeting of the National Security Council, especially when there were disagreements with its contents and asked why they did not present their evidence of CONSPIRACY.

“State and government can’t change them official position because of your false storytelling,” she said.

Aurangzeb said DG ISPR made a “categorical statement” yesterday regarding the conspiracy claim.

“DG ISPR represents all armed forces. This is not his opinion, but [military’s] official position. Refusal of States official stance – which you do – is real CONSPIRACY”.

She said the institutions took a “neutral stance”, which was their constitutional position, and PTI did not like It. information minister blamed PTI of attacking institutions whenever his scandals reach light.

“What lesson do you give to neutral institutions? Are you trying to pull them into your politics. Are you saying that Pakistan’s best intelligence services are not know conspiracy was organized against country?”

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