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Google’s Duet AI assistant is being rolled out gradually.

Google has begun rolling out its Duet AI assistant in Google Workspace services on a trial basis for a limited number of users.

Google announced the Duet AI assistant, which is based on generative artificial intelligence techniques, earlier as part of the Google I/O 2023 developer conference.

The Duet AI personal assistant is still in its experimental phase as Google has opened the door for users who want to try it out to register through their website. Google has now started to provide Duet AI to some users, provided they are subscribers to paid Google Workspace services in the US.

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Duet AI Assistant introduces many new features across various Google Workspace apps, including Google Docs, Google Slides presentations, and Google Sheets spreadsheets, in addition to the Meet video chat app, Gmail email, and more.

Duet AI can perform many complex tasks at the touch of a button, depending on the application it’s running in. For example, “Duet AI” in a presentation application can generate images and backgrounds from text commands entered by the user, since the personal assistant works in a sidebar that contains a space dedicated to entering text commands, and it is also possible to select the type of drawing to be created, after which 6 to 8 drawings are created, which can be enlarged when the user clicks “Show More”, and when the corresponding image is reached, they can be inserted directly into the presentation, as Google explained in a tweet on its Twitter.

It is worth noting that the images that the Google Assistant shows are generated by artificial intelligence based on user commands, and it does not search for them on the Internet, but pulls them from it.

Similarly, “Duet AI” will help the user to generate texts in the Docs app according to what the user wants to write, and also help to compose complete Gmail replies professionally using only a few initial phrases, knowing that these texts and replies can be changed.

Google is expected to launch its AI Assistant to more users in the coming period to accelerate the pace of learning, improve it, and fix bugs based on user feedback in the experimental stage before launching it on a large scale.

Google is competing with its new Microsoft Assistant, which has a similar tool called Copilot in Microsoft 365 services, which in turn competes with the “Google Workspace” group of services.

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