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Google says AI is a much faster and better chip designer than humans

Even before artificial intelligence (AI) began to take shape, we humans feared that it would go beyond our minds and overwhelm us to take over our work and eventually everything. Well, we may now be very close to realizing these fears, Neowin writes after the paper noticed a study in the scientific journal Nature in which Google experts analyzed the role of AI in chip design.

Google Brain, Google’s research team on deep learning and artificial intelligence, claimed in its study that it had developed a new, reinforced learning system that could do microprocessor floor plan design much faster and better than humans. A floor plan is basically an arrangement of different functional blocks within a processor to create the most efficient design. With the help of an “edge-based graph-convolutional neural network architecture,” artificial intelligence is said to be able to design floor plans in a fraction of the time allotted to humans. The image below shows a plan of two memory macroblocks. The plans on the left were made by people. The other was put together by the AI ​​in just a few hours, in much less time than humans, and the number of macroblocks was higher.

Google says AI is a much faster and better chip designer than humans

It is interesting that Google uses this technology for its own AI accelerators, the Tensor Processing Unit ( Will be used to build processors called TPUs). These will usually be used in all chip making as it can be a huge time saver.

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