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Google is hitting hard on those who deny climate change

No matter how much some people want to say, climate change is unfortunately not a simple scam, but a problem based on scientific evidence, the negative effects of which are already being felt on our planet.

In addition to ordinary people, large companies can do a lot to change the situation, and it is also very important what information is spread on the subject on the World Wide Web, at least according to Google, it is time to re-evaluate this issue. Of course, facts and opinions are often confused, but what has happened in recent years shows how dangerous things can happen online in hiding behind free speech.

In recent years, many advertisers and partners have expressed concerns that advertisements sometimes appear alongside content that denies climate change, or that they specifically contain false information on the subject. Therefore, the company plans to introduce a new monetization rule, which could help in the fight against bogus news. the existence and effects of climate change. This includes Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube content producers.

Of course, this does not mean that the subject will be completely taboo, as Google will not, in principle, materials with content that simply reports on the problematic claim or is just about discussing it. Monetization will also be allowed for content dealing with the effects of climate change and new research

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