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Google Cloud announces new products and solutions for more security

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New detection mechanisms for malware and better dashboards should help companies to better ward off cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks not only affect local computers, but increasingly also the cloud. Because the more companies, organizations and research institutes rely on cloud services, the more attractive it is for attackers to start right there. The rise in ransomware attacks is only one consequence of this.

Google wants to counteract this in its own cloud and expand its customers in the future Offer security features, writes the company in a blog post. This includes a new security function called Cloud IDS (Intrusion Detection System). It is designed to help detect malware, spyware, command-and-control attacks and other network-based threats. Google is cooperating with the security company Palo Alto Networks, which provides the signatures of malware.

Cloud IDS ultimately works like a kind of scanner that Analyzes the data traffic in the cloud for threats. You are billed either at an hourly rate for each Cloud IDS endpoint created and executed, or per gigabyte based on the total amount of traffic inspected. That means: Google can of course pay for the extended security.

More information for internal security experts

There is also news for the SIEM platform Chronicle. In the future, Chronicle should be able to be integrated with the analysis platforms BigQuery and Looker. In a new dashboard, Chronicle customers receive new overview visualizations of recorded security events, detected virus checksums and signatures, as well as broken down logs of logins throughout the company. In other words: There is more information for the internal security experts with whom they can track down possible threats and react to current attack attempts.

Third has Google announced the Autonomic Security Operations, an automated threat management in partnership between Google and the British company BT. This should help customers to modernize security processes. Google calls it a “combination of products, integrations, blueprints, technical content and an accelerator program.”

Of course, the innovations are not coming Coincidentally: According to a recent survey by the security company Tripwire on the subject of multi-cloud usage, Google Cloud was the only one of the major providers to lose ground: 24 percent of the companies surveyed that use various cloud services said they were a Google customer To be cloud. In the previous year it was 28 percent. More security features could perhaps be a means to increase the number again.

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