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Glory be to you.. Resignation of 18 new members of the Ennahda movement

In the worst storm witnessed by the Ennahda movement in Tunisia since 2011, the number of resignations in the movement rose to 131 members, in a figure likely to rise. On Sunday night, 18 new members of the movement resigned, one day after the mass resignation of 113 leaders, and an updated list of 131 resigned members was published.

Wave widening (It is noteworthy that these resignations came as a protest against the failure of reform within the party, and as a reaction to the improper management and wrong policies pursued by its leader, Rached Ghannouchi.

The wave of resignations is expected to widen in the coming days and weeks, according to Leaders who resigned from the movement said in statements to local media that “the list of resignations is still open.”

“Various” resignations

This was not The first resignations witnessed by Ennahda, which has been living for two years on the impact of splits, but it is different from what preceded it, given the large number of resignations, the weight of the leaders emerging from its fold, its popularity and the extent of its impact on the movement’s rules.

This step may affect the Movement structure, disintegration, and evolution Questions about the ability of this party to be more resilient and to continue in the political scene in Tunisia. President Qais Saeed on July 25, according to which he froze the powers of Parliament, stripped its members of immunity, and suspended a number of sections of the constitution in return for taking over all powers. )

Qais Saeed (Reuters archive)

It also came as a reaction to the escalation led by Ghannouchi and his loyalists against these decisions, which led the party to a state of isolation within the national political arena.

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