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Global Health: Europe may witness 700,000 deaths from corona by spring

Global Health: Europe may witness 700,000 deaths from corona by spring

The World Health Organization warned, on Tuesday, that 700,000 new deaths from Covid-19 may be recorded in Europe by spring. It could rise from 1.5 million currently to 2.2 million by March 2022, if the situation remains.

She expects “high or very severe pressure in intensive care units in 49 of 53 countries between now and the first of… March 2022,” adding that “the total number of recorded deaths is expected to reach more than 2.2 million by the spring of next year.”

The World Health Organization believes that the high number of infections is due to the outbreak of the highly contagious Delta mutant Adequate vaccination and relaxation of epidemic control measures.


The organization’s data showed that deaths related to Covid had doubled since the end of September, from 2,100 per day to about 4,200.

“The situation regarding COVID-19 across Europe and Central Asia is very serious,” said Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe. We are facing a challenging winter,” calling for the adoption of a “more vaccine” approach that combines vaccination, muzzle placement, health measures and distancing.

The World Health Organization considered that putting a muzzle reduces infection by 53%. Universal use of up to 95% could prevent more than 160,000 deaths by March 1.

“It is also becoming increasingly clear that the protection provided by vaccination against infections and mild forms is declining,” according to the World Health Organization.

The agency therefore recommends a booster dose for the most vulnerable, including those with immunodeficiency.

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The Corona virus has caused the death of at least 5,156,563 people in the world since the World Health Organization office in China reported the emergence of the disease at the end of December 2019

At least 257,514,640 people have been confirmed infected with the virus since its appearance. The vast majority of those infected recovered, although some continued to experience symptoms weeks or even months later.

Figures are based on daily reports issued by health authorities in each country and exclude subsequent reviews by statistical agencies, which indicate

The World Health Organization considers, taking into account the excess mortality rate directly or indirectly related to Covid-19, that the outcome of the epidemic may be two or three times greater than the officially announced outcome.)

A large proportion of less serious cases or asymptomatic cases remain undetected, despite the intensification of examinations in a large number of countries.


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