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Global Exclusive: Donald Trump says India has never had a better friend than me

Donald Trump Came As Soon As He Has To Announce 2024 campaign.

New Jersey:

Former US President Donald Trump spoke to NDTV in exclusive interview on questions about him plans of Management again in 2024, his allegations about the 2020 elections, his relations with India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia invasion of Ukraine.

over here highlights of the interview:

  • Everyone wants me runI leading in Polls … I will do decision in very close future. I think so a lot of people They will be very happy.
  • I have had great Relationship with India and Prime Minister Modi. I believe that she great The guy is doing a great job. It is not an easy task.
  • I think India has never had a better friend than me…I think my relationship, you should ask Prime Minister Modi, but I don’t think you’ve ever had a better relationship than it was with President Trump.
  • The Florida raids were a terrible thing. This was it big Effect on The population.
  • I was in Different location. I was not in Florida, I have been called. And when I heard about it, I said, “That’s weird.”
  • it’s a set up. It is armament. It is inappropriate to do a file bad something for our country. and that is like All of The tricks we had to go through.
  • We had a terrible election, and something terrible happened. It was a rigged election.
  • Joe Biden did a really bad job for our country. Our country has never been in Position like this is. We are weak in Many ways.
  • The economy It’s awful, we’ve lost voice We are respected all over the world.
  • I think I beat Joe Biden easily. I think I beat it last time. I have a lot millions of more votes last time what i did first time.
  • That’s what the Democrats said for A long time ago about different elections. They have gone out They said the 2016 elections were stolen.
  • I feel so strong for a lot of Things. You are know What do I feel so strongly? Our country, our country will go to hell. This is how I feel strongly.
  • What have you done on Russia and Ukraine? Nothing at all because it was understood that you would not go to Ukraine. We didn’t have to do anything.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that would never have happened. Watch what happens with China and Taiwan.
  • President Putin would not have happened in If I were president. Start. not even a chance.
  • In the end, (Russia and Ukraine) could be World War 3
  • Afghanistan withdrawal way Which was done, it was very incompetent.
  • The first The thing you were going to do was you were going to bring a file people outthe Americans outsurely you will bring us equipment out. we left 85 billion dollars worth of equipment behind. This would never have happened
  • We would have kept Bagram (air base), you know. Bagram one An hour away from the Chinese nuclear reactor when they build nuclear weapons. we should Never given that before up.
  • Trump Priority 2.0? For America, energy independence. For India, India does just Fine with for you great Prime Minister Modi.
  • Ivanka Trump as Vice President in 2024? Mine daughter? I did not think of who – which one. I’ve never heard of it before but this is an interesting idea. I wouldn’t think about it.
  • Truth Social works very well. I think it’s better than Twitter for I. Twitter killed.

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