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Giving NRA to “thugs” is tantamount to hostility with Country: Imran

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), criticized “imported government” for amending NAB laws to cancel billions of corruption cases of ruling elites, stating that issuing the NRA to thugs is tantamount to hostility with country because it gave them a license to be corrupt.

Speaking at the Islamabad Trade Union Congress, the PTI chairman said that system based on on injustice cannot work and a country where there were other laws for rich and poor could not prosper.

He said the cases were canceled and the NRO was given for more robbery, adding that how maybe this theft admissible in poor country?

Imran Khan said that foreign powers wanted weak and puppet governments in Pakistan, which they could easily use, adding that if he assets abroad, he would not have had the courage to say something completely wrong reason his government was removed by plotting to impose a puppet on nation who didn’t have the courage, because they assets outside of Pakistan.

He said that India buys oil from Russia at a price of 40 percent below price but pakistan can’t because import government did not have the courage to annoy their masters.

The PTI chairman said the country is prospering because economy there was a boom, but of sudden hard-obtained achievements of PTI government were reversed when these thieves were taken to power.

imran khan blew coalition partners in in government and said that all these cables of scammers made long marches against his government for inflation in country, but these self-centered greedy incompetent government broke 50 years record of inflation in a country that exacerbates suffering of people of country of diversity.

He left on to say that today the nation is being asked to make a sacrifice despite fact that the hired class staggered under back- Overcome inflation while the bandits were busy in giving yourself NRO in billions of corruption cases.

“I was not public office holder in Pakistan, I used to play cricket, but I was showing contracts from 40 years ago. I sold my London flat and brought money to Pakistan, he said. added.

He raised the question that if a cricketer could give a money drag, how maybe 3 times prime minister No?

He said a $250 billion fine in rent power but he spoke to the president of Turkey and canceled the fine.

Talking about closure of industries in countries, the PTI chairman said that 20 percent industry of Faisalabad was closed now, in spite of this, in the PTI era, the industry flourished and people for obtaining a wide range of employment opportunities.

Imran Khan said that Ishak Dar was brought from London to fix in fast shrinking economy who during his previous PML-N messed up economy of country.

“Economic growth was 5.7 percent in third year and 6 percent in fourth yearwhen economy everything goes down,” he said. added.

Imran Khan said that the economic review published by the import government certified by PTI government performance, adding that the World Bank recognized that Pakistan provides the most employment in subcontinent at the time of Coronavirus.

Imran Khan also said that during PTI’s tenure, Pakistanis overseas sent record $31 billion, adding that in AD, farmers received full the payment they spent on land through which record the harvest has been received.

However, the PTI chairman stated that imports government destroyed all within months as Pakistan’s rankings sank to their lowest ever level.

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