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The two calls of the long-awaited GINOP Plus (formerly VINOP) operational program have also been socially agreed! Let’s see what businesses can expect under the program, what activities they can apply for from the summer

Supporting developments to help SMEs adapt to business and production challenges – EIDHR Plus-1.2.1 -21

This call for proposals will be open in four submission phases, the first expected to start on 28 June 2021. In general, all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with a minimum of 1 full business year, a statistical staff of at least 3 and double entry

It should be emphasized that the program not only rural businesses, but also Pest county companies can apply! (Unfortunately, Budapest is still an exception.) However, it is a condition that the implementation site must be registered as the registered office, site or branch of the applicant before the 60th day before the submission of the grant application.

The application is for technology development. it is primarily eligible for the acquisition of assets, in addition to infrastructure investments, the use of renewable energy sources, the acquisition of intangible assets and professional expenses (training, expert services).

The aid may be up to 70% ! The amount of support can range from HUF 10 million to HUF 629.3 million

Encouragement of innovation activities – EIDHR Plus-2.1.1-21

The other published tender supports innovation and research and development projects. In the case of these applications, it should be noted that our project plan must be pre-qualified at the NKFI office before the application documentation. It is expected that applications for prequalification will start on 31 May 2021.

Applications may be submitted by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies – in their case two full closed business years, a minimum of 3 employees. In addition, budgetary bodies and state-owned non-profit companies can start

Experimental development, support for industrial research can be requested. Eligible costs include the acquisition of assets, construction-related costs, personnel costs and other costs related to professional implementation

Businesses can also start in rural and Pest County locations. The aid intensity is 100% for non-state aid and a maximum of 80% for state aid. The amount of the grant varies from category to category, but it can vary between a minimum of HUF 50 million and a maximum of HUF 1,000 million. Request a free consultation at the e-mail address [email protected] or at +36 1 321 1173

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