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Get to know the LABITCONF 2021 agenda

The ninth edition of LABITCONF will be held from November 15 to 20, managing to organize the largest Bitcoin event in Latin America, by bringing together the four main organizers for the first time of bitcoin and cryptocurrency events in the region.

The historic meeting will be held in El Salvador and will feature a hybrid program, which will mix the face-to-face and the virtual. Its agenda has more than 150 international references and more than 40 talks, which were recently officially revealed.

This agenda begins with a Hackathon, which will take place at the Círculo Club Military from November 15 to 16 , where attendees must solve challenges using Blockchain programming languages. The winning team of this competition will be able to claim a prize of $ 5,000 in the two versions of the hackathon, the face-to-face and the online one.

Start of the cycle of talks in Spanish

As of Wednesday, November 17, LABITCONF 2021 officially begins its cycle of talks. In general, the talks aim to show the potential of Bitcoin in the country and in the international market.

On the 17th there will be more than 12 conferences that will also delve into the different cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they can provide to Latin America, as well as 4 hours of open mic.

Also highlights on this day the talk called: “Investment strategies to reduce speculation.” Here we will talk about the actions that Salvadorans can take to protect themselves from volatility of bitcoin. In addition, data will be provided for this type of transactions.

Other outstanding talks of the day will be: “Price of Bitcoin: Past, present and future” and “How to identify and avoid scams in the crypto world. ”

Continuation of the cycle of talks, conferences in English

On Thursday 18, there will be more than 15 talks focused on the impact of Bitcoin on society, companies and politics, from the perspective of investors in the industry. They will also talk about the challenges of going from zero to four million Bitcoin users in two months, the challenges of implementing the Bitcoin Law and much more.

The most outstanding conferences of the day will be “Bitcoin as universal income and engine of social and economic development” , “The war between the digital currencies of the Central Banks, the dollar and the role of Bitcoin” and the talk led by Max Keizer called: “Unlimited Printing, Debt and Power vs Bitcoin.”

The focus on Friday 19 for its part, will be oriented towards more technical and social issues. There will be 17 talks that will go from the next news in Bitcoin, to successful use cases in common people and awards to social projects.

Among the most outstanding conferences of the day will be: “ Thoughts on the necessary infrastructure for the legal global adoption of bitcoin ”; “ The challenging path to privacy in Bitcoin ” and “ DeFi & Cefi in Bitcoin, financial tools without selling your Bitcoins ”.

Don’t miss the latest edition of LABITCONF , an event designed to educate and motivate the growing Latin American bitcoiner community. You can purchase your tickets at the following link.

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