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‘Get out“You could have slapped him”: Watch Haryana women’s panel Head yelling at a woman policeman over Girl’s Fitness Check-up I did it three times: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, September 10

Hot ugly argument took place between the chief of Haryana Women’s Committee and a police officer during a meeting in Haryana over A discussion involving a marital dispute.

Renu Bhatia is seen getting angry and yelling at the police officer and asking her to come down out of The office. The accident has been reported in Keithal on Friday.

In the video, Bhatia is seen asking the police officer, “You could have slapped him (the man) so tightly. I examined the girl (medically) three times.” out! There will be an administrative investigation against You are. “When the officer protested, Bhatia said she made the woman undergo a medical exam three times but not the man. When the officer tried to respond, Bhatia ordered the security assistance desk to accompany her. outside.

As the ugly quarrel continued, the police officer was physically removed Later from the room by a colleague.

He heard her say towards the end, while Bhatia: “We don’t come here to be offended.” says“So you came here to insult the girl?”

The argument seems to have begun over Police Officer Interact of dispute between a husband and wife.

“We’ve got a case related to husband And a wife. The husband Misbehaved several times with Individuals of The commission and the police. the man wanted to leave the wife because, according to him, she was not “physically fit,” Bhatia later told media.

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