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Germany requires Telegram access to its users' data

Germany requires Telegram access to its users' data

The Government of Germany is trying to pressure the instant messaging company, Telegram, to provide information about its private chats to the police and public order agencies . This through the threat of a fine that would reach USD 55 million.

This was reported in a report made by the German news site Der Spiegel about the creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov . The report highlights that the newspaper is aware that the German Ministry of Justice would be requiring the messaging application to submit to the law.

Last year the law of regulation of internet content, which gave control to the government to force digital platforms (among others, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) to eliminate content that the government considered as inappropriate. This under the premise of suppressing the dissemination of hateful content.

Within this law, instant messaging platforms would be free, but, according to Der Spigel, the Ministry of Justice wanted Telegram to began to collaborate with the government to dismantle “extremist groups.”

Telegram will not give in to pressure from the German government

today, we have disclosed 0 bytes of user data to third parties, including governments, “said the creator of Telegram. It thus established its position that it will not give in before the pressure of the German government .

In an article published by Status, a messaging service, wallet and Web3 browser, it was highlighted that the messaging service Telegram , you have access to all the information that users share within the application, including individual and group chats. This places it at a vulnerable point, in the event of the scenario of giving in to government pressure, since a lot of user information would be exposed.

Telegram is an instant messaging application, similar to WhatsApp, which has end-to-end encryption in its “secret” chats, and according to its creator, more than 500 million people use it every month. It even promoted its own cryptocurrency, Gram, whose project was abandoned by the company, leading it to receive a demand from investors, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Persecutions against neo-Nazi content and hate speech

As reported by the RT medium, the demands of the German Government against Telegram are raised just one day after a unit of the police special actions group, SEK, was disbanded. This occurred after it was known that 20 members of the team used a messaging application to share hate messages and extremist content , including images of Adolf Hitler and Nazi swastikas, which are prohibited by law in Germany.

The SEK is a group of special police actions, made up of 16 troops, and they belong to the Spezialeinheiten police of each state. Wikipedia source.

It should be noted that the messaging application used to share this content is unknown , according to RT.

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