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Georgian authorities release body camera footage after a woman died after falling off patrol car

28-year-old Brianna Grier experienced an episode of mental illness. on July 15 when she mother called the police for help with This was stated by civil rights lawyer Ben Kramp. news conference on Friday.

krump, who represents the greer family said grier history of mental health crises and family called the police several times times in in past.

“When they came out to house they would call ambulance, “grier” father Marvin Grier said. “The ambulance is coming. out and they’ll take her to the hospital to get some help.”

“But this time they only called the police, and the police did not bring an ambulance. with them, although Miss Mary (Brianna’s mom) clearly stated that she had a seizure,” Crump explained.

Crump said the Hancock County sheriff’s deputies intervened. home handcuffed Grier and placed her in in back of patrol car take her into custody for alleged resistance arrest.

AT body camera video released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Grier asks deputies give her breathalyzer test and repeatedly tells the officers that she is not drunk. By timestamp on video, Grier was posted in patrol car shortly before 1 am on July 15.

Grier then yells at the officers, saying that she is going to hang herself if she is imprisoned. in in car. They go to place her in handcuffs and try place her in detachment car but when she continues to resist, the officer is seen pulling his stun gun from its holster.

When Gree sees this, she yells at the officers, saying that they can electrocute her and that she doesn’t care. The officer responds by saying that he is not going to taser her.

Video shows the officer removes the taser, and then leaves the rear of the driver side Door. When the officer returns, he can be seen picking up Grier. off earth and put it in in back seat of patrol car.

body camera video is not show if the officers opened, closed or had any interaction with rear passenger side door, but an officer can be heard asking another officer if the door is closed.

On Wednesday, GBI investigators concluded that “the rear passenger side Door of Patrol car next to which Greer was sitting was never closed,” the report said. news release.

Less than a minute after the officers drive away from Greer family homevideo shows the officer suddenly stopped him vehicle and to get out.

Once out of in the car the officer finds Grier lying down on in side of road, face down. Grier does not answer the officer, who tapping on her side and says her name. The officer then radios to the approaching patrol. car that is behind him that they are going need Ambulance.

No footage show the moment Greer falls out of in vehicle but does show her styling face first on ground and rear passenger car opened door.

second Officer says that Gree is still breathing. Grier never answers the officers who call her by her first name after the fall. out of patrol vehicle. Video ends with Grier on ground while the police are waiting for paramedics.

Georgian authorities release body camera    footage after a woman died after falling off patrol car

Crump says police didn’t apprehend Grier in seat belt while she was handcuffed in in back of police car and how resultwhen vehicle started moving she somehow fell out of in car landed on her head cracked her skull and then fell into a coma for six days before dying because of her injury.

Investigators looked at several body camera videos, conducted numerous interviews and carried out “mechanical tests on patrol car”determine” whether possible mechanical failures” vehicle— stated in the message GBI.

GBI news issue notes that two deputies tried to bring her into back of patrol car after she was arrested and imprisoned in handcuffs.

Grier told MPs she was going to hurt herself. on earth refuses to get into patrol car, according to the release.

The GBI statement said the two MPs and Grier, who was on lands, “were in the rear of the drivers side Door of patrol car” when “one of deputies bypassed and opened the rear passenger side door.” The same deputy quickly returned to the rear of the drivers side door, the GBI statement says, and both deputies put Grier in back of patrol car.

The deputies closed the rear of the driverx side door and, according to the GBI statement, “investigation shows what did the deputy think closed the rear passenger side Door.”

The video shows how the officer chooses Grier. up and placing it in in car through drivers side backdoor.

turned off camera, one of officers can be heard asking if the door is open on another side closed, to which the other officer replies “yes”.

MPs left scene of incident and drove short distance before the fall of Grier out of in moving car as stated.

CNN reached out to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for comment but did not immediately hear back.

“I just I don’t understand why they couldn’t put it in seat belt why did they break so many rules to prevent anything like it won’t happen,” Crump said.

“We loved her no matter what, unconditionally. Now we have to raise these kids and tell them a story and I don’t plan to on not lying,” Marvin Greer told reporters on Friday. – I want tell the truth so it won’t happen to anyone else.”

Zenebu Sillaand of CNN and Camila Moreno-Lizarazo contributed to this report.

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