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General Regulations for Public Institution Employees Adopted in Saudi Arabia

The official newspaper Umm al-Qura revealed the details of the rules for approving the regulations governing the affairs of state employees and their remuneration, which were recently approved by the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia.

And the newspaper pointed out in its edition released yesterday, Friday, that all government agencies that are subject to the rules and have administrative regulations, pay scales and provisions governing allowances, bonuses and financial benefits, especially for their employees who are subject to labor legislation and the current system of social insurance, follow several procedures regarding the application of these rules.

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The newspaper indicated the need to provide the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the official salaries of its employees, revise them in accordance with the approved salary ceilings in accordance with the rules of this decree, and the necessary ministry coordinates with the supervisory work team provided for in the rules, and informs the agency of the results of the inspection and the necessary amendments on the stairs, to make the necessary adjustments.

The newspaper emphasized the need to revise its administrative regulations, including allowances, bonuses and benefits for its employees, as well as any documents providing for other material benefits for them, and a proposal to amend them in accordance with the form of a single administrative regulation and the list of allowances. , remuneration and financial benefits provided for in the regulations, and to provide the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with what is being done in this regard to check its compatibility with the above model and list.

The Ministry shall also coordinate whatever is necessary with the oversight working group provided for in the regulations and inform the agency of the results of the review to complete what is necessary regarding the amendment of the administrative regulations, provided that all the provisions of this paragraph are complied with. carried out within a period not exceeding 12 months.

The decision obligated all public institutions subject to the rules not to approve any amendment to their administrative regulations, their employees’ salary scales, their allowances, bonuses, financial allowances and any documents that include other financial benefits for them, by increasing to those as long as the completion of the review and its modification in accordance with the provisions contained in the rules.

And the decision continued: “All public authorities, after completing the content of the second paragraph, must list the cases of employees with wages and financial benefits that exceed the maximum ceilings, and list the allowances, bonuses and financial benefits to be approved in accordance with the rules and submit to the Ministry of Personnel and Social Development the results of the inventory in the manner prescribed by the Ministry for this purpose.

The provisions included that the team investigate cases and propose appropriate remedies in a manner that does not prejudice the relevant texts of laws and provisions contained in contracts entered into with workers and does not affect the overall salary of the employee (base salary plus shipping costs). housing allowance) by decreasing during the term of his employment contract with the device.

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