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Gehlot meets MLAs and talks to Sonia Gandhi; pilot in Delhi

September 30 at 11 a.m.

speak with reporters on his site office At AICC headquarters here, Mistry . said met party President Sonia Gandhi at her home on Jan 10th on Tuesday and delivered over The identity of her voter card. he is also Gandhi briefed the process so far how many people Nomination forms were collected and about delegates.

The decision on Rajasthan CMThis position is likely to be taken after the congressional presidential elections next month, sources told News18. On the other hand, congressional sources said that no disciplinary action will be taken against CM Ashok Gilot like of Currently. Gehlot moved to partywarns that his MLAs have stopped listening to him and haven’t kept him in Knot.

Congressional Resources also He said that Ashok Gilot rules out From the President of Congress post Kumari Selga’s case is likely to be taken up for the above post While Rahul Gandhi’s pick is said to be KC Venugopal, according to a report in Ian. However, no final decision It was made After and Congress leader Kamal Nath who met Sonia Gandhi on He said on Monday that he doesn’t want to become party The president wants to continue work for The party in Madhya Pradesh.

Congress leader Kamal Nath on The two rule themselves out K probable candidate for The party chair even as he advances in To explore the ongoing crisis in The party unit is Rajasthan. Kamal Nath is known for his close relationship with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot met Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence in Janpath 10 after she held a party more From an hour meeting with party the watchers for Malekargon out and Ajay Makin.

The Congress High Command had contacted Kamal Nath to Delhi. probably play The role of mediator and trying to broker a truce in The unity of the state, reeling under factional strife after a possible Driving change move transformed to fullA severe crisis for The party. Asked if he’s not interested in The post of “I have no interest, I have come to Delhi .” Congress Speaker Kamal Nath told reporters for Navratri.” Earlier, Karg and Makin briefed Gandhi on the developments in Rajasthan will submit a written report on the crisis in The party unit state tonight or tomorrow. They had met The party MLAs in state to understand of situation on the ground.

According to McCain, MLAs loyal to Gihlot have made demands, including that a decision on Prime Minister face should taken after party President election on October 19 and in Consultation with Gilot. Talk to reporters, AICC in-Cost for Rajasthan Makin said the Legislative Congress Party (CLP) meeting was organized with approval of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot, verb description of His loyal MLAs hold a parallel meeting as a “lack of discipline”.

Conference observers Mallikargon outside and Ajay McCain on see monday party President Sonia Gandhi on developments in Rajasthan is expected to submit a written report on the crisis in The party unit of the state latest before Tuesday. Talk to reporters after nearly one-And the-halfOne hour meeting with Gandhi, AICC in-Cost for Rajasthan Ajay Makin said the Legislative Congress Party (CLP) meeting was organized with approval of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot, verb description of MLAs loyal to him to hold a parallel meeting as “lack of discipline.”

The Secretary General of the AICC (Organization) was KC Venugopal also present during the meeting. McCain said it was “unfortunate” that the CLP meeting could not be held.

he was there clear direction by the president of Congress that we “talk to every MLA and report back, and then the congressional speaker makes a decision call After speaking to everyone,” he determined, adding that this was made clear For everyone. CLP meeting called to pass Resolution authorizing the President of Congress to take a decision on Caliph Jahlout.

But according to McCain, MPs of MLAs loyal to the president minister state forward Three conditions, including that decision on The next president minister will be taken by new party president. “How is that possible this person moving The resolution authorizes the President of Congress… wants that person fight The AICC chief does opinion polls and if he wins the election, he will decide on He. She? If this is not inconsistent of Interest, what is it? ” He said in Referring to Jahlut.

McCain said that the Moroccan Liberation Army loyal to Gihlot wanted In order to meet in Contrary to the higher command’s orders to meet them separately, saying that there is no precedent for such an act in The party. In a CLP meet, one-on-one The meeting is held so that the MLAs can express themselves freely. that they also The chief said minister should They are chosen from among those MLAs loyal to Ashok Gilot in 2020, in which we have said that we will convey their views to the President of Congress, but no condition can be attached to any resolution. We’ve briefed Sonya G Will give Written report.

“When holding a CLP meeting, hold a parallel meeting of MLAs is clearly at first glance a lack of discipline, “is added.

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