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Gary Neville mentioned for potential contempt of court over social media post

Gary Neville was turned over to the Attorney General. for potential contempt of court over a social media post at 4 in the morning on morning of opening day of trial of Ryan Giggs.

Mr Giggs now business partner post was brought to the attention of referee on third morning of trial, with proceedings scheduled to receive under way just six hours after.

Judge Hilary Manley has now handed over issue Attorney General. This followed the dismissal of the jury on environment, having failed verdict on 17th day of trial.

A source close to Mr Neville told The Telegraph that he denied the allegation.

They said post was in response to owners of Manchester United – Glazer family – and fans demo in protest against way in football club was run.

By the time the judge made aware of in post thousand of people It was already liked, including Melanie Sykes, TV presenter, who also reacted with heart emoticon.

The press brought post Attention of lawyers

Member of the press took notice of lawyers in happening, who in the queue sent the image to Judge Manley.

She said: “Having considered the law and the potential contempt of court, I raised this issue and this particular post note of presiding judge of chain”.

The judge said she didn’t know any of the jurors had seen the post, so she was happy. for court to continue.

But post was sent before she gave her direction jurors view anything online do with a business.

In the morning of On the third day, Kate Greville, Mr. Giggs’ ex-girlfriend, in Testimony and Peter Wright QC for The crown said, “It is not known if she saw him at all, but in context of evidence that already was given in in this case, it’s a question we can try to return to in properly”.

Chris Doe QC for the defense said, “Your Honor, in terms of any potential consequences – we make them crystal clear clear Mr Giggs is not know about it.”

He said it was a minor issue because of in nature of social media juror may stumble upon post not looking for it out because it will appear on their tape if they are following Mr. Neville.

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