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Ganesh Ladu in Hyderabad weighing 12 kg was sold at auction for Rs 45 lakh

the couple who Bought a laddoo seen pretending with He. She.


Ladu Prasad (Holy Offering) in Ganesh Pandal in Hyderabad brought a file record 45 lakh rupees in auction contract on Saturday. The 12kg tank was almost sold at auction double The price of The famous Balapur Ganesh Ladu who is gone for 24.60 lakh rupees one day ago.

Maracatha Shree Lakshmi Ganapati Utsav Pandal Basin has been auctioned for 44,99,999 rupees, making it highest Bid for no just in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, but across both Telugu states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh).

It is a tradition to auction laddoos made for It is believed that Lord Ganesh is like Prasad and whoever wins gets ‘God’ special Blessing.” Locals believe laddoo brings them good Luck, health, wealth and prosperity.

While the Balapur Basin was purchased by a local farmer and realtor V Laxma Reddy for A whopping 24.60 lakh rupees, Sri Lakshmi Ganapati Laddu of Kanajigoda Maracata Presentation for 45,99,999 rupees for a couple, Geethapriya and Venkata Rao.

The visuals showed the couple posing with pelvis. It was Venkata Rao also He was seen holding the toilet on for him head.

“The money From auction in use for Temple development in Palapur, Lakshma Reddy said, who he is also member of Smithy.

The history of auction of Ladus dates back to 1994 when he was successfully Presentation by a local farmer, Kulan Mohan Reddy, for 450 rupees.

auction of tags laddoo start of The main The procession of immersion idol Ganesh in Hyderabad.

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