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Galaxy Unpacked: Samsung announces new colors for the Z Flip 3

Galaxy Unpacked: Samsung announces new colors for the Z Flip 3
The Galaxy Z Flip 3 should be more colorful. (Image: Samsung)
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Samsung is expanding its “Bespoke Edition” to the Z Flip 3 and the Watch 4. But that doesn’t bring much more than new colors and a few screens.

Bespoke means something like “tailor-made”. At Samsung, the term stands for an extended possibility of personalizing various products of the house. On the occasion of its unpacked event on Wednesday, the Korean manufacturer has now announced that there will also be a Bespoke Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Watch 4.

49 color combinations allow an individual look

Germany is one of the first markets in which the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition and Galaxy Watch 4 Bespoke Edition will be available from October 20, 2021 via the Bespoke Studio on samsung.com – in addition to Korea, USA, Great Britain, France, Canada and Australia. The “Bespoke” essentially refers to new color combinations for the smartphone housing and design features such as wallpaper and cover screen. A palette of 49 freely selectable color combinations should give the clamshell phone a personal touch. Black and silver are available for the frame. You can choose from blue, yellow, pink, white and black for the front and back.

If you like, you can have a wide variety of color panels flanged to your smartphone. (Image: Samsung)

Not carved in stone

Anyone who has mixed their model once, but later notices that the combination does should be exchanged again, this can be requested at any time. Samsung also offers the “Bespoke Upgrade Care” service. In Germany, Z-Flip-3 owners can book an appointment via Samsung’s Smart Repair and give the panels on the front and back a new look by exchanging them for a fee.

The central tool for this is the aforementioned Bespoke Studio on the web. This should give “a lively impression of your own creation” with a 360-degree preview. You can download your own design as an image – for example, to share it with others via social media. As soon as the order is placed, the devices are custom-made and arrive at the customer in special packaging – with a wallpaper and cover screen in Bespoke Edition, which are “in harmony with the individual color combination of the device”. The Galaxy Watch 4 can also be customized in the Bespoke Studio with different colors, sizes and straps.

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