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Galax Shows DDR5 Memory With Lego Compatibility

Galax Shows DDR5 Memory With Lego Compatibility
In the ‘something else’ box, Galax unveils a quirky range of DDR5 memory modules. Galax’s so-called Gamer RGB DDR5 discs have, in addition to a standard RGB bar on top, a series of Lego-compatible studs on the top.
The official reveal was picked up by EXPreview, complete with renders of the two different colours: light blue or bright red. The Gamer RGB DDR5 line initially launches as a 2x 16 GB kit, later followed by 2x 8 GB and 2x 32 GB alternatives.
The clock frequency is initially set by Galax to 4,800 MHz; later, faster modules could be on the horizon. An official release date or suggested retail price for the first Lego-compatible memory kits has not yet been announced, but Galax promises that the Gamer RGB DDR5 series will be released shortly after the official release of Intel Alder Lake CPUs to follow.It is also unclear whether these Galax products come to the West at all. The Taiwanese manufacturer previously launched RTX 30 video cards full of studs for the popular building blocks, but the same craft cards have never been available outside of China.

Intel itself has no release date released for next-generation processors — which offer DDR5 support as a first. However, a sales embargo would expire on November 4, which suggests that the Alder Lake generation will be officially unveiled sometime shortly before.

Source: EXPreview


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