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Future electric Porsche Macan has already hit the road

Sustainable digital tests now give way to development in a real environment

Porsche presented for the first time the prototypes of the electric Macan that will be a reality for its customers within a couple of years old. The future compact SUV of the German brand in zero emission version went out on the road to now start the millions of kilometers to cover in real environment after having already done countless in virtual space.

Digital prototypes – computational models that replicate propulsion properties, systems and assemblies – allow engineers to simulate a series of development categories, such as aerodynamics, energy management, operation or acoustics by identifying and resolving design conflicts so far


Engineers’ digital work begins with aerodynamics with low aerodynamic drag being fundamental in the new all-electric Macan to ensure high autonomy, as even details in the cooling ducts can make a difference.

Future electric Porsche Macan has already hit the road

“The digital world is indispensable for the development of the Macan totally electric, ” says Porsche’s director of aerodynamic development, Thomas Wiegand.


New methods now allow a simulation very accurate both aerodynamics and thermodynamics combining virtual prototypes with real-world scenarios from an early stage.

The development of a completely new screen in a “seat box” format replicates the environment around the driver ‘bringing to life’ still in the early stages of development the screen, the concept of operation and the changes that can happen during a trip before the first physical cabin was built.


In addition to the permitted technical work, the development and tests in digital format not only save time and costs, but also preserve resources and, therefore, so, they also increase sustainability. And the process of virtual refinement does not end with the departure of physical prototypes on the road.

The real driving discoveries will be reintegrated into digital development and that is also why, as you say Porsche administrator Michael Steiner, “endurance testing on closed circuits and on public roads in real conditions remains essential to ensure that the vehicle structure, operational stability and reliability of hardware, software and all functions meet high quality standards. ”


“Like the Taycan, the fully electric Macan, with its 800-volt architecture, will offer the typical Porsche E-Performance. The fully electric Macan will be the most sporty model in its segment. ”

The launch of the all-electric Macan on the market – the first Porsche to be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform – is planned for 2023. But even earlier, in this year 2021, the current Macan with conventional propulsion will have “a successor”, as stated by Steiner.

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