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“Full of enemies, few prey”

I brought eight leopards in From Namibia now in Kono National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

New Delhi:

On the day eight leopards were brought in in from Africa as part of Historic Reintroduction of Animal in India, leading Environmental advocate Valmyk Thapar listed concerns about “how The big will the cat walkchase, feed and fetch up Her cubs” in Kono National Park in Madhya Pradesh, where it faces “a shortage of space and prey.”

“this is area he is full of hyenas and tigers, who be key enemies of Cheetah. If you see in Africa, hyenas chase even kill leopards” in Interview with NDTV. “There are 150 villages around, that have dogs that can shred leopards. It’s a very cute animal.”

speed vs space

He was asked why the cheetah is the fastest mammal on earthNot possible just He cited the team that outperformed his attackers in Terrain. in places like Serengeti (National Park) in Tanzania), cheetahs can run Far away because there are vast spaces of Meadow, pasture, grassland. In Kono, unless you turn woodland into grassland, it will be a file problem… in Quickly turning corners on rocky land, full of Obstacles, it’s huge challenge (for cheetahs).

. can government Converting woodland to pasture? Is the law allow This, he asked in my letter.

Originally, the plan was to move some lions from Gir (Gujarat) for a second population in Kono, to prevent disease from eliminating them out’ said Mr. Thapar, seemingly referring to moves about year 2010, “But Gujarat government She did not agree.” The Supreme Court initially favored the transfer of Assad, but approved the Cheetah plan about two years ago.

Mr. Thapar has listed the tiger as another potential threat to the leopard in Kono: “Sometimes tigers come here from Ranthambore, one of Reasons why black cannot be transported. This is not often. But we will have to surround that lane as well.”

What will they eat?

he is also included out problems in Find the prey. “In the Serengeti, there are over a million deer available. In Kono, unless we breed and attend in Blackbucks or chinkaras (which live on herbaceous), leopards will have to hunt spotted deer, which are forest animals and can hide. This deer also It has large horns and can injure a cheetah. And leopards can’t stand it injury; mostly fatal for they.”

“We needed to breed chinkaras and blackbucks already. However, what we have to do history said: “I am not sure Why are we doing this at this level? There are many of problem with original species. we need to find balance.

said the leopard for He has always been a “royal pet” and “never killed a human being”. “It is very cute and very fragile. [The relocation] It is a huge file challenge. “

earlier in the day, wearing Sunglasses and safari hat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the lever to free a package of Panthers from Namibia to A special texture in Kono.

“Full of enemies, few prey”

The Prime Minister – on his birthday today – was seen clicking on the pictures of The big Cats after being released. Cheetahs will be kept, which are five females and three males in Quarantine attachments for About a month before they were released in open forest areas of the garden.

Creatures have been declared extinct in India in 1952.

Valmik Thapar confirmed that they are not doing a good job in education. “There are only between 6500 and 7100 left in The world. and death rate (death at the cub stage) 95 percent. Eight has been brought in for now and more Will be brought, go up to 35 over the years. It’s a huge task. that they need To be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensure They live.”

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