Fuel ‘worth more than £250,000’ stolen from a maximum security base of the Royal Navy | UK news

Fuel ‘worth more    than £250,000’ stolen from a maximum security base of the Royal Navy |  UK news

Investigation underway way after diesel announcement worth more than £250,000 was stolen from a high security base in the Royal Navy.

The fuel was drained from the tanker and had to be refueled up electricity generators powering HMS Bulwark, a 19,560 ton landing craft, at HMNB Devonport in Plymouth.

Thieves broke into the base and stole diesel fuel owned by contractor Babcock International, in September 2021.

Fuel was worth more over £250,000 according to The Sun.

Newspaper added that ‘robbery ran for weeks” and “most of the diesel was clogged on in black market”how British motorists do with record- breakthrough climbs in fuel prices.

Fuel was stolen from HMNB Devonport in Plymouth

The civilian guards reportedly raised the alarm after conducting a spot check. on tanker operated by Babcock International driver when they tried to leave the base.

Babcock International is currently investigating theft of its fuel with in support of Ministry of Defense Police.

Ministry of A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense stated: “The Ministry of Protection in the know of incident last year with the alleged theft of fuel from a contractor at HMNB Devonport.

“No disruption to defense operations and the Ministry of No more protection comment.”

representative for Babcock International declined to comment.


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