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Fuel prices: New rise in gasoline and diesel as of Monday

Fuel prices will rise again in the week of August 2-8 and may completely eliminate last week’s slight relief

From next week, according with the verified trend and by our calculations, everything indicates that we will, once again,

suffer a new increase in fuel prices.

This forecast shows that August, a month of holidays and strong mobility, starts with

quite high prices and that will have a strong impact on consumer wallet.


Our estimate, for the week of August 2-8, for the price of single gasoline 95 will be a three-cent rise for one price an average price of 1.692 euros per liter and simple diesel will also accompany this decline by two cents, to an average price of 1.463 euros per liter.

Combu stable


Estimated Average Price

1,692 euro/liter

Simple gasoline 95 + 3 cents Diesel simple

+ 2 cents

1.463 euros /liter

It is no wonder that demonstrations such as those that have occurred recently (see here) can once again exist.

No measures announced are yet reflected

At Last week the Government approved in the Council of Ministers a proposal for a law that could allow the executive to limit margins in the marketing of fuels, as previously expressed by the Minister of the Environment (see here)


How do we make our estimate

The estimate we present is made by consulting the DGEG website, analyzing the trend of the price of crude, a component of the European fuel report, daily consulting market operators and final calculation by statistical analysis.

The average prices indicated are

verified in an online consultation, at 2,294 stations (simple diesel) and 2,278 stations (petrol simple 95), representing the majority of the 2,829 service stations registered by DGEG in Mainland Portugal.


We emphasize that these average daily prices that we indicate here they are publicly provided by DGEG and are calculated based on the prices communicated by the gas stations communicated the day before the analysis (in this case they are valid on July 29, 2021), weighted with the quantities sold in the previous year, incorporating the discounts offered at filling stations such as fleet cards and others.

We also note that, despite our indication of trends and official information from DGEG on average prices, there are always service stations that can offer customers cheaper prices, so be careful if you want to save!


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