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Fuel prices: gasoline and diesel rise another 3 cents for the week

It’s already more than 6 cents in 15 days of increase in fuel

There is no going back. Fuel prices appear strongly inclined to remain high for the coming months. And there seems to be no way to reverse the trend.

According to our estimate, adding to last week’s strong increase, fuels will have an increase of more than 6 cents in just 15 days…


Last week the value of Brent, an international reference for the price of oil, passed 80 dollars a barrel and, in recent days, it has been trading above 83 dollars. The rise in fuel prices is guaranteed.

Thus, according to the calculations performed by AWAY

, based on the crossing of market data and information from operators in the sector, we can advance a forecast of a strong increase in fuels starting next week.

Either plain gasoline 95 or diesel can go up by around 3 cents per liter (0.03 euros)

According to data from the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG), collected on October 8th, the average price of simple diesel is, on the date of consultation, 1,506 euros/liter (1,549 euros for special diesel), and the average price of 95 simple gasoline is 1.701 euros/liter (1.743 euros for additive 95 gasoline).


More and more difficult times are coming…

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